2 South Euclid Dollar General stores closed due to ‘critical security issues’


SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio (WOIO) – Earlier this week, city officials ordered the immediate closure of two Dollar General stores, after officials discovered “critical safety issues”; including, blocked aisles, lack of access to electrical panel and inaccessible fire extinguishers.

“For example, if there was an electrical fire, the fire department would not be able to access the main disconnect switch and city code requires the panel to be easily accessible,” said Keith Benjamin, director of the Community Development City of South Euclid, said. “Many aisles were completely blocked by storage carts, preventing safe exit in an emergency. Additionally, fire extinguishers were blocked by storage carts, rendering them completely useless in the event of a fire.

Stores are located at 375 South Green Road and 4279 Mayfield Road.

City officials said the stores were also filthy and unsanitary.

Customers, like Andrew Jackson, were left frustrated on Thursday when they discovered the store was temporarily closed. He said the neighborhood needs a store that sells affordable groceries.

“Violations can be corrected,” Jackson said. “They should have time to deal with their violations, but close an affordable and known store to go and keep the more expensive stores open. I mean, that says something.

Stores can reopen once violations are corrected.

Dollar General shared a statement with 19 News on the temporary closures:

“We are disappointed that the standards of our stores in these locations have not met our customers’ expectations and our own expectations, and we hope to reopen soon to serve our customers and the South Euclid neighborhood,” a doorman said. word of Dollar General. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and remain committed to being a positive business partner and good community neighbor.”

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