Alexander: Why Microsoft Word Might Stop Printing and How to Fix it


Question: Several months ago, my copy of Microsoft Word 2010 stopped being able to print documents. I get the error message “There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display the requested font.” (I get the same message no matter what font I use.) This is only a problem with Word. I can copy the text to Windows 10 Notepad or WordPad and print from those programs. The Office Repair Tool did not help. I can’t reinstall Word because my PC is used and I don’t have an Office 2010 installation disc. I tried the solution in a YouTube video (see without success. What can I do?


A: There are several possible causes of the Microsoft Word error message you are getting, but you have already ruled out two: This is not data corruption in the printer driver software because you can still print from other programs. It is also not corruption in a crucial Word file called “”; you followed the YouTube instructions to recreate this file. So what else could be causing your problem?

  • You might have compatibility issues with Windows 10. Your PC, a Dell Optiplex 760, was introduced in 2009 and may not continue to work with newer versions of Windows 10.
  • You may have a problem with your copy of Office. Microsoft stopped providing technical and security updates for Office 2010 over a year ago, so your copy of Word 2010 may have been hacked. If so, there is no easy solution because you cannot reinstall the program.
  • There may be a software conflict with any of the add-ons that you can download to give Word new functionality (see Turn off any add-ons that you or the previous PC owner may have installed and see if that fixes your printing problem. (For more details on this fix and the following, see
  • There may be other software flaws. You can try using Windows “PowerShell” commands, which provide another way to manage printers. And if that doesn’t work, you can edit the PC’s registry, a settings database. It is always risky because if you make a mistake the PC will not work. Make a backup copy of the registry before making recommended registry changes (the above web address explains how.)

Question: I bought a new HP laptop with Windows 11, but I cannot print two-sided Microsoft Word documents using my HP Officejet Pro 8610. It was easy on my old HP PC, but this time i can doesnt seem to configure it in control panel. What can I do?

EARL ATHMAN, Little Falls, Minn.

A: There is a new software driver for your printer; download it on and that can solve the problem. Otherwise, try this: To print a single two-sided document, open the document and press the “Ctrl” and “P” keys simultaneously. Select your printer from the list, then click “Preferences.” From the menu that appears, select either “2-sided printing (manual)” or “2-sided printing (automatic)”. Duplex means printing on both sides of the paper. Doing it manually means you have to feed paper into the printer a second time. Doing it automatically means you don’t have to do anything. At the bottom of the menu, click “OK”. In the next menu, click “Apply” at the bottom, then click “Print.” (For more details see


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