Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary issued code violation after complaint



The fate of the animals in a sanctuary is up in the air. A non-profit animal sanctuary in Collier County is forced to dispose of its animals after a neighbor files a lawsuit.

Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary was assessed a code violation as a result of this complaint. The organization now has 30 days to remove the animals.

The animal sanctuary is home to abandoned, injured and neglected animals including chickens, goats, horses and pigs.

“We are the only ones here in Collier County,” said Alyssa Barry, founder of Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary.

Barry said there was a huge need for his sanctuary, but a recent complaint from a neighbor forced the Collier County Code Enforcement Department to sanction the sanctuary.

State regulations state that there cannot be pigs on any property less than 20 acres.

“I was really shocked. I was shocked. Because, like I said, you assume you’re compliant with everything because we’re regulated by the county, and they see everything we do and they come here and say you’re doing a great job. Here’s your license, here’s your permit. You’re good to go,” Barry said.

Turns out, Collier County Animal Services said Alyssa’s animal sanctuary was “good to do,” not enforcing the code.

“It just doesn’t make sense that another department that never regulates you, never comes out, only comes out when a complaint is filed could come in and say ‘well, you should have done your research’, whereas the county is the one giving me the animals,” Barry said.

To save his sanctuary, Barry must move.

Finding 20 acres to sell will cost him $1.3 million at best, and time is running out.

Barry furiously tries to raise money to save the chickens, goats, horses and pigs she cares for.

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