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I’m sure a number of you have been excited about a mobile game and can’t wait to play it. In Android 12, this will no longer be a problem as you can play it while it is downloading.

Android 12: Play games while downloading

Android 12 saves time by letting you play games while downloading

If you are eager to try new mobile games or have the amazing ability to get bored before you even try anything, this feature is designed for you. Android 12 will allow you to play mobile games while it is still being downloaded.

This feature is titled “play while you download” which should get you enjoying a mobile in “seconds”. Early tests show that games could be up and running twice as fast as the conventional method, and this is expected to improve even further.

The feature will be combined with other features to enhance the mobile gaming experience. From what we know, it’s going to be smarter texture compression, a new Play Integrity anti-cheat framework, and an improved pre-registration for future games.

This is by no means a new feature as it is already available on PC and consoles as you can start a game after a partial download. Making it available on the mobile space is not that simple for various reasons, but making it available at the operating system level is amazing. Hopefully, it will be further refined as Android 12 makes its way into mainstream devices.


Pokdepinion: Funny enough, there were some mobile games that I ended up not playing just because I had to wait so long for the download to finish. That should probably prevent it altogether… I hope.

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