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SHENZHEN, China, July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), one of the leading providers of mobile development services in China, announced today ‘hui have entered into a partnership agreement with Dongqiudi, a leading sports media company that operates a sports news app in China. Aurora Mobile will leverage its AI-based technology to help Dongqiudi deliver timely and accurate information about live soccer matches. During the ongoing UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, Dongqiudi has emerged as a major channel for fans to access real-time information on goals, scores and substitutions for each match, as rivalries between major football teams have attracted the attention of the whole world.

Real-time content dominates user experience for Dongqiudi users

Since its launch on December 5, 2013, Dongqiudi has dominated the sports news scene in the face of fierce competition from traditional sports portals such as Sina and NetEase, and popular vertical media like Hupu and Zhibo8. At the same time, more and more media have followed one another in the booming sports information sector. Dongqiudi has gained popularity among fans with its comprehensive, in-depth content and seamless user experience, which easily stands out from the competition.

In terms of daily sports content, sports fans found it increasingly difficult to search for sports information due to the fragmentation of media information. To address these issues, Dongqiudi delivers streamlined information, concise reports, in-depth topics, and comprehensive data through its highly interactive community channels. Dongqiudi’s short, direct and comprehensive coverage has been a hit with sports fans since its inception. Another important part of Dongqiudi’s continued success is the user experience. Compared to other news categories, sports content is generally event-driven and requires even faster and more urgent updates. Through this collaboration, Aurora Mobile will leverage its AI-based technology to help Dongqiudi deliver stable and timely sports information with JPush, its machine learning-based push notification services.

As the leading developer of mobile push notifications for Android devices, JPush supports functions such as multi-channel notification delivery, intelligent user aggregation, rich data monitoring, and trace-free message retrieval. Aurora Mobile has a proven architecture that can host tens of billions of daily visitors on access frameworks accumulated over the years. The company continues to help developers reach a more engaged user base and, at the same time, has extended the personalized messaging channel to multiple mobile service providers, effectively improving the messaging experience. JPush’s well-designed mobile capabilities continue to provide fast and stable push notifications for the Dongqiudi app, installed on mobile phone brands from different manufacturers.

Aurora Mobile Focuses on User Needs and Increases Customer Value for Dongqiudi

Dongqiudi’s Chief Technology Officer commented: “Since our inception, we have been working with Aurora Mobile as our partner of choice. They have helped us grow our fan base from tens of thousands to millions of users. Aurora Mobile has always provided high quality and reliable services, especially during major football events such as the World Cup and UEFA Euro when our platform had to deal with huge spikes in traffic. We have built a great synergy between our companies over the years and look forward to strengthening this close partnership in the future. “

The head of JPush activity at Aurora Mobile said, “Dongqiudi is the leading sports information platform in China. We believe that this partnership between two strong players in our respective fields will greatly contribute to the development of the sports industry in China. As our information network capabilities increase, we will continue to leverage our extensive development services experience to focus on the needs of mobile developers, improve product iterations, and help more customers increase operational efficiency. .

Aurora Mobile is one of the leading providers of mobile development services in China. For nearly a decade, Aurora Mobile has focused on meeting the needs of developers and launched a series of products to help them improve operational efficiency, drive business growth, and monetize services. As of March 2021, Aurora Mobile was providing SDKs to over 1.73 million apps. The company also recently launched a Unifying Messaging System (“JG UMS”), which integrated seven main messaging channels, namely mobile apps, WeChat official accounts, WeChat mini-programs, messaging service. short (“SMS”), emails, Fuwu Alipay and DingTalk, and enables corporate users to reach their target customers more efficiently through an integrated messaging platform.

About Aurora Mobile Limited

Founded in 2011, Aurora Mobile is one of the leading providers of mobile development services in China. Aurora Mobile is committed to providing efficient and stable push notification, one-click verification and APP traffic monetization services to help developers improve operational efficiency, growth and monetization. Meanwhile, Aurora Mobile’s vertical applications have expanded to market intelligence, financial risk management, and location-based intelligence, enabling various industries to improve productivity and optimize ownership. decision.

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