Authorities crack down on COVID-19 test site operating away from home in The Brick


The Brick Police were told that Safe Sites LLC was performing COVID-19 testing from a home, prompting authorities to take action.

Enforcement of the code sent a summons to the company to stop testing.

News 12 called to see if the site had been closed after the summons, and the person who answered said it was still open.

Safe Sites LLC also had a location listed in Passaic as a test site, but News 12 learned that it was Chai Urgent Care who was managing this location with the city. Passaic officials immediately tried to find out if there was a relationship between Safe Sites LLC and Chai Care. It turns out that there is no relationship between the two.

“I was told that they said they were here in Passaic – the point is that I have never heard of them,” said the mayor of Passaic, Hector Lora. “I immediately asked my director of social services to contact me to try to find out if there was a relationship with Chai Care and when he called the phone number he found out to his surprise that they didn’t ‘had no relationship. “

Before Safe Sites removed the addresses and a few photos from its Facebook page, the company had announced that it would come to you to perform COVID-19 testing for peace of mind before vacations and family or corporate events. .

Officials urge people to use caution when looking for a site to get tested.

The Ocean County health worker said the state health department was supposed to issue waivers. Safe Sites LLC did not provide this documentation to the county.


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