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It’s a big weekend in the NFL and the NBA. For the NFL, it’s week 18 and there are a number of games with playoff implications. As for the NBA, the league is approaching mid-season. BetMGM Sportsbook will grow for the NFL and the NBA.

New users can enter obvious 20-1 odds on any NFL or NBA game. Simply place a $ 10 bet on any NFL team and earn a $ 200 bonus if they score a touchdown. The same $ 200 bonus applies to NBA teams that hit a three-pointer. Either of these promotions can be obtained without a BetMGM promo code.

That’s right, there is no need to enter a BetMGM promo code. Signing up with any of the links on the page will trigger this 20-1 bonus. With a full roster of games in the NFL and NBA, bettors have a ton of options to choose from.

Click here to ignore the BetMGM promo code and grab that NFL 20-1 boost. Click here for the same 20-1 odds on the NBA.

BetMGM promo code unlocks NBA or NFL bonus

Remember that this BetMGM promotion can be applied to the NFL or the NBA. As long as your team scores a touchdown or hits a three-point pointer, the $ 200 bonus is yours on top of any potential cash winnings. The outcome of your initial bet will not have a negative effect on your bonus.

So what are your chances of winning this bonus? Every NBA team takes and does a ton of threes per game. Something catastrophic would have to happen for an NBA team to finish a game without taking a single three-point shot.

As for the NFL, teams will sometimes finish games without a touchdown, but that’s rare. Any team with a decent offense is a safe bet here.

Start without BetMGM promotional code

Signing up and claiming that NFL or NBA bonus doesn’t take long. The fact that you don’t need a BetMGM Promo the code streamlines the process. Here’s how you can get started today:

  • Click on here for the NFL boost OR click here for the NBA boost.
  • Remember that you can ignore the BetMGM promo code.
  • Enter your basic information to create an account.
  • Make a deposit of $ 10 or more to take advantage of this promotion.
  • Place a $ 10 bet on any NFL or NBA team.
  • Earn a $ 200 bonus (on top of any potential payouts) if your team scores a touchdown or hits a three point.

Arrival of NFL week 18

NFL Week 18 is here for the first time. With the NFL adding an extra game for each team, we get an extra week of the regular season.

While there are a lot of teams out there that are out of playoff hunting, NFL Week 18 still features a ton of high-profile games. Chiefs to look for AFC top seed against the Broncos. In NFC, part of the image remains unstable. All of these clashes lead to what is essentially a Sunday Night Football playoff game between the Chargers and the Raiders.

Suffice to say that this last week of the regular season is going to be big. Don’t miss the chance to win big with BetMGM.

Click here to ignore the BetMGM promo code and grab that NFL 20-1 boost. Click here for the same 20-1 odds on the NBA.


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