Check Out This: How to Easily Share Photos, Music, and More in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15


If you visit an interesting website, take a memorable photo, spot an intriguing news item, or listen to a cool podcast episode, you can share it from your iPhone or iPad with other people for a long time. However, accessing this shared content has always been a challenge. For example, if someone sends you something in a text message, you need to go back to the original message and find the link.

The good news: This particular challenge has been eliminated for some apps, thanks to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

Now when someone shares an item with you, it will also be accessible in their associated app. So if someone shares a photo with you, it will show up in the Photos app. If someone shares a podcast episode with you, it will appear in the Podcasts app. This new Shared with you option also supports news, music, TV shows, and websites.

Here’s how to share content with other people and access content shared with you on your iPhone or iPad.

Enable automatic sharing

First, update your iPhone or iPad to iOS / iPadOS 15 or higher if you haven’t already. Go to Settings> General> Software Update. You will be told that iOS is up to date or you will be prompted to download and install the latest update.

enable automatic sharing

Next, you’ll want to turn on automatic sharing with the Messages app and choose which apps you want to see the shared content in. Go to Settings> Messages> Shared with you. Turn on the switch next to Auto sharing if it is not done yet. Then turn on the switch for each app you want to view shared items for.

Now that you’re ready to share, let’s go over the process of sharing specific items from different apps and accessing content shared with you.

Share an album or song

share song

Let’s start with the music. Users can share an album, song, or playlist from the Music app. Access your own library or Apple Music if you are subscribed. Choose an album or song that you want to share. Tap the ellipsis icon next to it and select Share album Where Share song. At To share window, choose the person you want to share the item with in a text or tap messages and address your text to the person.

Share a TV show or movie

apple tv app

For TV or movies, head to the Apple TV app. Select the show or movie you want to share, then touch the To share button and choose a recipient.

Share a web page

safari app

Open Safari and find a web page you want to share. Press the To share and choose the person you want to share the page with.

Share a photo or video

photos app

Open the Photos app and select the photos or videos you want to share. Press the To share icon to send the selection to another person by SMS.

Share a podcast or episode

Sharing podcast apps

You can share a podcast from the Podcasts app. Select a specific podcast or episode, then tap the ellipsis icon in the top right corner. If you want to share the entire show, select Share Show. To share a single episode, choose Share episode. From there, share the article with the right recipient.

Share a news

apple news sharing

If you find an interesting story in the Apple News app, tap the ellipsis icon in the top right corner and choose Share the story. Select the person you want to share the story with or select the Messages app and enter the person’s name.

Access a shared album or song

shared album

Now is the time to access what has been shared with you. Open the Music app and tap the Listen now tongue. Swipe down until you see the new Shared with you section and any songs or albums that have been shared with you. Tap an item to play it, or tap the name of the person who shared the music with you to open your conversation with them in the Messages app.

Access a shared TV show or movie

shared episodes

Open the TV app to see the shows or movies shared with you. Move towards the Look now and look for the Shared with you section. Tap a specific movie or TV episode to watch it in the app. Tap the person’s name below the item to reply to their text message.

Go to a shared web page

shared web page

If it’s a website or an article, open Safari. On your iPhone, tap in the address bar and a Shared with you section should appear. On an iPad, open the left sidebar and select the Shared with you section. From there, tap any shared link to open the page in the browser. Tap the person’s name to send them an SMS reply.

Access a shared photo or video

shared photos

For photos and videos, open the Photos app and tap the For you tongue. Look for the Shared with you section. Tap a shared photo or video that you want to view. Tap the person’s name to send them a text message.

Access a podcast or shared episode

shared podcasts

To view a podcast that has been shared with you, open the Podcasts app and press the button Listen now tongue. Find the Shared with you section, then tap an individual podcast or episode to play it. Tap the person’s name to reply to their text.

Access a shared news

Apple News shared

Open the News app to view the news that has been shared with you. Press the Today and scroll down to the Shared with you section. Tap a shared story to read it. Tap the sender’s name to reply to their SMS.

Stop sharing

sharing settings

You can choose to stop sharing with individual contacts. To hide content from a specific person, open your conversation in the Messages app and tap the name at the top. In the pop-up window, turn off the switch next to View in Shared with you.

Delete shared content

share menu

You can also delete any content shared with you. Open the app that contains the item you want to remove. Tap the item and select To delete from the pop-up window.

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