Community App-Based Routes Aim to Improve Tourism in Northern Ontario


North Bay, West Nipissing. and French River will be the next series of itineraries which will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Francophone tourism has been identified as a key priority and a growth opportunity for the North.

Together with its team of French-speaking tourism products, Destination Northern Ontario developed the Francophone Tourism Plan for Northern Ontario.

Tours and an interactive map are now available on PodcastDiscoveries, the mobile application offering the largest network of historic tours in Canada.

A press release indicates that a key initiative identified in this strategy is to “work with Francophone communities and operators to create, enhance and connect experiences through the creation of routes that showcase culture, history , the food and the locals “.

The group expects massive growth in the cultural tourism industry.

“This DNO project saw the development of nine routes across northern Ontario, each consisting of 10 points of interest. Assets, such as videos, images and narrative text were acquired or developed for each POI, in order to create interactive routes that showcase the Francophone culture of the region. and experiential tourism opportunities, ”the statement said.

“Northern Ontario is home to many bilingual and Francophone communities that are well placed to improve their product and brand image to attract Francophone and culturally-seeking visitors,” said David MacLachlan, CEO of Destination Northern Ontario. “The Balado project provides an excellent opportunity to focus on the development and growth of Francophone tourism as Ontarians explore their own backyards.

North Bay, West Nipissing. and French River will be the next set of itineraries that will go live in the coming weeks.

Itineraries can be downloaded in English and French at no cost to the user.

All thematic tours include maps, itineraries, tracking of user positioning, points of interest and associated content (audio files, images, videos, texts), and are accessible without Internet in “preloading” mode. .

The BaladoDécouvertes network website also provides access to the visit. This allows you to view Northern Ontario routes on your personal computer at home.


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