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I have had an intermittent connection to the internet for a while now and it is driving me crazy. Many of my WiFi devices are also affected. I have a separate wireless router and modem. The router is an Asus AC1900 and the modem is a Netgear that I own, not the ISP. When connecting to the modem and viewing the stats everything looks normal and then again I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking for. When I log into my router the same applies, even though I changed the channel bandwidth to 40 MHz and changed the control channel to 5 and turned off auto. I also enabled a secondary WAN when the primary goes off, but that doesn’t seem to help. I keep the router’s main page open and constantly view the status as being disconnected, then connected, repeatedly. My laptop is plugged directly into the router for connection. I’m trying to confirm if the problem is with the router or the modem and unplug the laptop cable from the router and plug it directly into the modem, guess I should be connected, but obviously no other device will be connected. BUT … the laptop won’t connect and I have no service at all. When I reconnect the router, the service is interrupted again. So, am I assuming the problem is the modem? This whole ordeal rages on me and I hope someone can help me solve it.

BTW, I searched for viruses, spyware, malware etc. and I followed the suggestions of online sources. Other than basic trackers, I don’t see a major problem. I also disabled my firewall to confirm and it still does.

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