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The 17-member advisory board (with 10 alternates) has met more than two dozen times in the past six months. Its first report to supervisors recommended five funding priorities for Measure X funds in fiscal year 2021-2022.

The first goal is ‘mental wellness’, offering grants for children’s mental health services, addiction treatment, better mental health services for the Asian American Pacific Islander community and the LGBTQ community, and an increased medical response to mental health crises.

The second objective prioritizes equity and removing the barriers that create poverty, with a county office responsible for racial equity and social justice being a major component. It also includes greater representation of immigrant residents, more community and school arts programs, an innovation fund to facilitate service needs, and asylum support for LGBTQ people and immigrants.

The third goal is “healthy communities,” including comprehensive health care for the uninsured, a local housing trust fund for tenant legal services and subsidized child care, as well. than food distribution and vocational training at the community level.

The fourth goal is “Intergenerational Prosperity”, which includes strategies for increased service for children with disabilities and more community centers for young people and the elderly. The plan will also introduce a guaranteed income pilot program, a master plan on aging and more funding for child welfare services and young people in foster care.

The fifth goal is titled “Welcoming and Safe Community,” which will fund the reopening of closed East County fire stations and create front-line advocacy teams. It will also provide more money for abuse prevention and support, rent assistance for immigrants and create a “Reinvent Public Safety” initiative.

In addition, supervisors mentioned other areas of need such as code enforcement, increased transportation services for the elderly, more funding for animal services, youth centers and transitional housing. for the homeless.

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