Cook County braces for inclement weather


ADEL, Ga. (WALB) – Severe weather is expected to sweep through southwest Georgia early Sunday morning. The Cook County Emergency Management Agency is taking precautions to keep you safe.

“The main thing is to get the word out to people now. All of our residents must protect the three Ps… people, pets and plants, ”said Johnny West, Director of the Cook County EMA.

Cook County Emergency Management Director and Fire Chief Johnny West said they expected temperatures to drop to 30 or 40 degrees early Sunday morning.

From that point on, he thinks that’s when people should stay indoors to avoid potential storms.

Cook County EMA director Johnny West said temperatures would drop to 30 to 40 degrees early Sunday morning(WALB)

“That’s what we expect from this one here, rain, and I think the national weather services are predicting a risk of isolated tornadoes. It all depends on how much rain is falling at any given time and how much rain and soft ground, if we have a lot of wind, trees could fall, which could also create additional hazards, ”West said.

After Thursday’s inclement weather, Chief West said they made sure there was no debris on the roads.

This weekend, he wants people to pay attention to security alerts at all times.

“We have the RED code here in the county and there are a lot of residents who signed up with it and we actually talked to a few of them. And that’s one of the things they said they had, other alert systems on their phones and things. They hate that they all leave and it’s boring and everything, but they’re actually going to pay attention to it now because they see it was very beneficial because the storms were heading straight for their locations, ”he said. West said.

West expects extreme weather conditions Sunday through Monday and encourages everyone to make sure they have a safe place in mind.

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