Court rejects bail requests of 3 defendants in Bulli Bai case


The lawyer said bail was denied on the grounds that the defendant could flee if released on bail

Mumbai: A Mumbai Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on Thursday rejected bail applications filed by three defendants arrested in connection with the Bulli Bai enforcement case. On Thursday, Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Crime Unit arrested another person from Odisha in the case. Meanwhile, two defendants who were arrested by the Delhi Police Special Cell were also brought to the city and presented to Bandra Court, which remanded the duo into custody until January 27.

Magistrate Komal Singh Rajput has rejected bail applications filed by Vishal Kumar Jha, Shweta Singh and Mayank Rawat. Jha’s lawyer, Shivam Deshmukh, said: “We have not yet received the copy of the order and we will know the grounds on which the bail was rejected once we receive the copy of the order. of the court.”

The lawyer also said that what they know so far is that bail was denied on the grounds that the defendant could flee if released on bail and that they are intelligence experts artificial and that it is therefore possible to tamper with the evidence if they are released on bail. .

While police arrested Jha in Bengaluru on January 4, Singh and Rawat were arrested on January 5 in Uttarakhand.

They had filed bail applications as soon as they were taken into custody. Jha was taken into custody (JC) after police informed the court on January 10 that he had tested positive for Covid and had been transferred to the quarantine centre. Although the police requested his custody when he was released from the quarantine center, the court rejected this appeal.

Later, Rawat was also infected with the coronavirus and was sent back to JC along with Singh.

Police alleged that the three manipulated eight to 10 Twitter handles created to spread the app. The defendants were using ProtonMail, which provides a proxy IP address, to conceal their identities and conceal their internet fingerprints.

The cybercell also claimed that many accounts had been deleted or suspended for posting defamatory content and that information about it had not yet been obtained.

On Thursday, Mumbai police brought the main defendants Niraj Bishnoi and Omkareshwar Thakur to Mumbai from Delhi in pre-trial detention.

Police brought them to Bandra court and sought custody on the grounds that Bishnoi was the creator of the app and that Thakur coded the app and their questioning in custody was necessary to fully investigate the app. case.

Delhi Police’s Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit had arrested Bishnoi from Assam. According to the police, he created the Bulli Bai app. The IFSO had also arrested Thakur for allegedly creating the Sulli Deals app about six months before the Bulli Bai app. The two apps had put transformed photographs of more than a hundred prominent Muslim women on the app for “bidding”.

The FIR was filed in relation to the Sulli Deals app, but there was no breakthrough in the case. However, once again a complaint was filed after the Bulli Bai app was discovered and after public outrage, the police took action in the case.

The fifth person arrested in this case has been identified as Neeraj Singh, who holds an MBA. Police had claimed he was involved in planning the enforcement with the main defendant. He is likely to be brought to Mumbai and arraigned in court for remand soon.

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