DENSO school competition contributes to road safety


DENSO Junior Road Safety Competition Award Ceremony

All primary schools in Telford and Wrekin have been invited by DENSO to participate in a design competition aimed at actively improving road safety through the creation of powerful safety messages.

The involvement of the local community has been a huge success. With the support of the Telford & Wrekin Council Road Safety Team, a total of 14 schools participated with a grand total of 800 registrations.

Contest winners were delighted to see their designs transformed into 1.5 meter signs that will be displayed on Community Traffic Island in Hortonwood in the coming weeks.

Each school was invited to submit nominations in three categories: Seat belt safety; Green Cross Code and Slow Down, Save Lives.

The winners attended a special ceremony at DENSO on Wednesday. A welcoming speech was given by Director of DENSO’s Monozukuri Skills Promotion Center, Phil Tomlinson, and attendees also heard special remarks from Councilor David Wright, Telford and member of the Wrekin Council Cabinet for Housing, The transport and infrastructure.

The pupils then received their awards and their schools received a £ 1,000 scholarship check to use in promoting road safety. In an exciting twist, DENSO also announced the winner of an additional £ 1,000 grant for the school with the best plan to improve road safety awareness.

DENSO Junior Road Safety Competition Award Ceremony

Lucy Holloway of Meadows Primary Academy won the award in the Safety Belt Safety category, while Hadley Learning Community created the winning design in the Green Cross Code category.

The winning panel for Slow Down, Save Lives was designed by Tayla-Mae Penn of Windmill Elementary School, and the winning entry for the best grant plan was submitted by Redhill Primary.

Phil Tomlinson of DENSO said: “We really appreciate the huge contribution of these designs that promote road safety.

“The collaboration between DENSO, the Council and the local school network has been effective in raising students’ awareness of major road safety issues, but also in the community at large. We are happy to make this success story an annual event as part of DENSO’s true mission to add value to society ”.

Councilor Wright also thanked DENSO for their commitment to actively improve road safety within the local community, including the Telford & Wrekin Council Road Safety Team for their continued support and collaboration.

DENSO Junior Road Safety Competition Award Ceremony

The road safety team has worked in partnership with DENSO for several years on many local community initiatives mainly promoting pedestrian and bicycle safety. The theme of road safety is just one of many DENSO projects as part of efforts to promote and share the core values ​​of the company.

The winning designs remind all road users to stay aware of road safety issues.

Contest participants were proud of the work they had done and inspired by the idea of ​​helping others stay safe on the road.

The community island where the winning designs will be displayed was redesigned by DENSO in 2018 and given as a gift to the community as part of Telford’s 50th anniversary celebrations. It is used to promote key messages, particularly in the area of ​​road safety.

DENSO Junior Road Safety Competition Award Ceremony

DENSO states that: “The main causes of traffic accidents are vehicles, infrastructure and people. Aiming to achieve a society without traffic accidents, DENSO offers products that ensure safety.

“In addition, DENSO also implements educational activities on road safety, which are carried out by employees, for members of local communities around the world.

“Our employees serve as role models in practicing road safety and strive to connect with local communities.

“In doing so, we believe we can encourage people around the world to consider the perspective of auto safety.

“DENSO Manufacturing UK Ltd has actively promoted numerous road safety education programs with particular emphasis on bicycle safety and pedestrian safety. Our company gave priority to young people and accessed them through the local school network.

Sian Skelton, Senior Head of Road Safety Education at Telford & Wrekin Council – Road Safety -Strategic Transport, said: Not only provided us with fantastic designs for the community at large, but they also spread messages. very important road safety in their school communities.

“The awards really showcased the brilliant work done by everyone, a big thank you to DENSO, the school staff and all of the 800+ kids who submitted a design.”


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