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If we use the computer, WhatsApp Web is the most comfortable way to chat with our WhatsApp contacts without having to change devices all the time. At first it was only accessible from the browser, but for a few years we also have the desktop app available. What is better?

Although the experience is virtually the same, we access WhatsApp from the browser as if we were doing it from the desktop program, there are some nuances that can tip the balance in favor of one or the other, always depending on the needs of each one. These are the differences of WhatsApp Web depending on how we use it.

Access WhatsApp from Web or App

As we have already mentioned, the first difference is the way in which we access the service. In the case of using WhatsApp Web, all we have to do is go to web.whatsapp.com from the browser, while if we opt for the application we will have to download it and then install it on our computer. The application is available on the official WhatsApp website for Windows and MacOS.

This is the only difference with regard to access, since afterwards the system is identical; we should scan QR code with the mobile and our account will be linked to the computer.


Whatsapp web desktop

WhatsApp Desktop vs. WhatsApp Web

At the interface level we have no noticeable difference. On the left are the last chats, the search section and several icons from which we can access the states, open a new chat or access the configuration options and other settings. The only difference is that the new chat icon is different, with a + symbol for the desktop version and a message icon for the browser version.

Menus and settings

WhatsApp web app

Speaking of the menu, there are no differences between the two options. Here we can create a new group or a new room, consult our profile, open archived or followed chats, enter the settings or disconnect.

WhatsApp web app 05

Regarding the configuration menu, we do not have as many options as on mobile, but it allows us to control desktop notifications, light or dark theme, wallpaper and blocked contacts. Here there is a difference and that is that the “Desktop Settings” option only appears if we install the application. What we can do here is configure WhatsApp to open automatically when we start the computer.

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whatsapp website

WhatsApp web notification (top) and WhatsApp desktop (bottom).

Both versions will show us notifications with each new message, the only difference being that it indicates whether it is from Google Chrome (or any browser) or from the application. Of course, when accessed from the browser you have to give permission so that you can show us these notifications.

WhatsApp web app

What we lose in the web version is power see the number of unread messages on the app icon on the taskbar. If you prefer to turn off the sound, it’s handy so you don’t miss any alerts.

Calls and video calls

As you can see, so far the differences are rather small, but there is a function that the balance tips in favor of the desktop application. These are calls and video calls, a feature that until now was only available in the mobile application, but now we can also enjoy it on the computer.

whatsapp website

To be able to make a voice call or a video call, it is enough to enter the desired chat and click on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the window. Make sure you correctly configure the speaker and microphoneyou can do this by pressing the three-dot button that appears next to the hang-up button.


As we said at the beginning, which version to choose depends on the needs of each moment. For example, in my case I have the program installed on the computer because this way I load the browser less, which already has quite a few tabs open normally. Also, it barely weighs 150MB so there is no space problem. However, WhatsApp Web is much better if I enter from the laptop or another computer that is not mine. I have nothing to download and after logging out all I have to do is close the browser tab.

What is clear is that if you want to make video calls, you must download the program because this option does not exist in the browser. Of course, if you don’t need it, maybe the web version is the most interesting for you. And you, which one do you prefer?


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