Digital app to track internet plan spend in the pipeline


Information, Communication and Information Technology Minister Nape Nnauye said the app is currently in the trial phase and is expected to be launched soon.

The Minister was speaking in the House during the tabling of a report on the implementation of the activities of the Infrastructure Development Committee over the past year.

He said many people complained against telecom companies that their internet packages sometimes ran out even without putting their phones on or using them.

“There have been complaints about how internet packages have been used in mobile phones, with consumers accusing telecoms of stealing their packages,” he said.

Nnauye said the government has made huge investments in the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) to ensure that it oversees the sector to facilitate win-win situations.

He said that the TCRA Consumer Consultative Council (TCRA CCC) has designed an app that is currently being tested to help a consumer track used bundles and be able to opt out of certain apps on their smartphone.

“We are currently doing trials on the app, once completed we will give it to consumers. Other than that, we are continuing to educate mobile phone users on proper use of smart phones,” he said. declared.

The minister said the TCRA continued to assess complaints from mobile users that their plans sometimes ran out before a particular customer used them.

However, the results of the assessed complaints show that no theft has occurred, but the use of smart phones by cell phone users is a challenge,” he said.

He said that the challenges were found to occur in two areas, namely that smartphones, even if you don’t use them, some apps still work and use bundles.

“As a result, customers find that their plans have been used without knowing it. Another reason smart phones have what’s called a ‘hot spot’ that allows phone users to use other people’s internet plans,” he noted.

Nnauye said that after investigating complaints from some customers, it was found that their packages were being used by others through the “hot spot” connections.

He however said that in its report, the committee noted with concern the decline in mobile money transactions contrary to political expectations in the sector, advising the TCRA to meet with stakeholders and service providers to find the sources of reduced transactions.


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