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The number of visitors to remote devices is increasing.

IT professionals, but freelancers in the field of graphics or design are increasingly looking for solutions for intelligent work that guarantee the continuity of their activity.

In this regard, we have told you in depth about SupRemo Directly at this address. It is a software that allows remote control of PC, Mac and Linux (via wine) and can be used in a simple and secure way with Android and iOS: no configuration or initial configuration required, but it is sufficient Download the software for free here And start it.

One of the strengths of this remote control device is the ability to go Beyond the simple manual link. SupRemo, indeed, This allows access to a remote location without human intervention at all times.

To do this, simply configure the automatic start at the start of the device by defining a standard secondary password. This guide.

During a remote control session, files and folders can be transferred securely between computers without the risk of losing important data and information.

Yet it is possible to create one of the strengths of this software free contact book. With SupRemo, you can create a truly unlimited contact list for free, allowing you to store access data to your customers’ machines and connect them quickly with mobility and security wherever you are.

To improve the many features provided, we find Automatic updates ei Online reporting of control sessions carried out, With periodic filtering information that can be exported and used for billing assistance provided to its customers.

SupRemo is available as a free version for occasional and continuous private use, but for those who need business use, this suggests the most perfect solution: there are two subscription plans on a quarterly or yearly basis. From 5 euros / user per month.

The Supremo has many advantages over its main competitors, especially here.

SupRemo VS Teamviewer

Compared to TeamViewer, SupRemo is much cheaper, with its annual subscription starting at just 98.

In addition, SupRemo offers:

  • The great flexibility of the license, with the possibility of purchasing quarterly plans, can be changed according to the required attachments
  • Backward compatibility
  • Unlimited endpoints
  • License portability for an unlimited number of activated users and unlimited devices (this is true, thanks to the number of simultaneous connections detected)
  • Link reports are included in any selected project
  • Custom version included in any project
  • Free updates

AboutPremo VS Anydesk

Compared to AnyDesk, Supremo stands out:

  • High profitability for professional use
  • Great flexibility in licensing with the ability to purchase quarterly plans, which can be changed based on required attachments
  • Unlimited endpoints
  • Declarations attached to any project
  • Custom version included in any project
  • Personal technical support is included in any project
  • Free contact address book

We immediately and intuitively announced how to check the PC / Mac connection during our testing. Overall, during our testing we noticed how well SupRemo was able to deliver on all of its promises.

Connecting between different devices is always fast and time consuming, and anyone with previous experience using these types of apps knows that this is one of the most important features and that production instant is not lacking.

We invite you to read our review for all the information on SupRemo; If you want to run and download it instead, know that it is completely free for personal use, And download here.


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