Dying Light 2: Crocodile Flats Security Code


Dying Light 2 characters who lock up their valuables don’t always leave sticky notes with the answers. But Aiden can still crack their safes.

Dying Light 2 Crocodile Flats Safe Code Collage Safe and Clue

Too often, video games make security codes way too simple. There’s a sticky note with the answer a few yards away or an email with everything blatantly spelled out or a radio where careless grunts are having conversations with their superiors and can’t help but discuss the latest code . Dying Light 2 isn’t that awkward.

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But that’s not to say that Dying Light 2 makes it impossible to open safes either. Most of the time the answer is there, but it takes some thought. This is certainly the case for the Crocodile Flats Vault. For those looking to get that answer for themselves, the first section tells them where to look. For others who just want the answer, check out the second section.


How to deduce the answer

Dying Light 2 Clue to open the safe in Crocodile Flats

There’s a room next to the safe itself that contains the answer. For those who arrived here because they’re helping Scott get the necklace, the clue is on the couch next to the body wearing the legit necklace. It’s a photo of a child celebrating his birthday. There are zombies to take out for a quick combat experience, so do that before looking at pictures.

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There is a date at the bottom right of the photo to pay attention to. And look at the candle on the cake. Players will need to put these two together and get a full security code. Keep in mind that these codes often reflect momentous occasions.

Security code response: 11-11-19

Dying Light 2 correct numbers for Crocodile Flats security code

To get to the answer, the date in the photo is 11-11-21. But people don’t make codes based on the day they took a photo. The candle on the cake reads “2”. As people create codes that could reflect their child’s date of birth, players can now determine the baby’s date of birth.

By removing two years from the date of the photograph, the new number is 11-11-19. This is the code that the owner of the safe decided to establish. Open it and get as a reward: a bag full of coins. Cold, hard cash might not be the most exciting thing to lock away, but it’s just as useful as any weapon!

Dying Light 2 was released on February 4, 2022 and is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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