Entergy Arkansas Storm Update: 5/22/22 10 a.m.


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Severe thunderstorms that brought violent lightning, high winds and flash flooding across the state knocked out power to thousands of Entergy Arkansas customers.

Our system that normally provides individual updates on outages was down overnight, but Entergy Arkansas crews have been working to restore power to affected areas since the outages began.

The outage map at entergy.com/viewoutages has been restored and is updating the data. Individual outage notifications are expected to resume this afternoon. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Estimated restoration times will be available as crews determine the extent of damage and repairs that will be required.

As crews work to restore power, Entergy Arkansas is urging customers to put safety first.
Here are some tips to keep you safe while we restore your power:

  • If the lines are hanging or have fallen off, move away from them. Do not touch a downed line as it may be under tension. Immediately call Entergy at 1-800-ENTERGY.
  • Be careful when investigating the damage, as the wires may be hidden by fallen trees and tree branches.
  • Never try to plug in or use any appliance or electrical appliance while in water or on a wet surface.
  • Restoration work can be dangerous. Stay a safe distance from active work areas and catering workers at work. Entergy’s first priority is the safety of the public and our rescuers.
  • Be careful! If there is water in your home, you should have your electrical wiring inspected by a qualified electrician before Entergy restores your power.
  • Supervise children carefully. Make sure they stay away from all electrical appliances and wall outlets when water is present.
  • Wet electric motors should be checked thoroughly by an electrician or licensed repair shop before reconnecting to a power source.
  • When using personal generators, qualified electricians should hook them up. In addition, main circuit breakers must be open to avoid reinjecting current into Entergy’s lines and possibly injuring linemen.
  • Keep freezer and refrigerator doors closed when you are without power. Food should stay good in a full freezer for about two days and for about six hours in your refrigerator.
  • Dry ice will help preserve food in your fridge and freezer. Ten pounds of dry ice can keep food frozen for up to four days.
  • When power is restored, check frozen foods immediately. If the food is still firm in the center and contains ice crystals, it is safe to refreeze. If it has thawed but is still cold to the touch, you should cook it before refreezing. Foods that have reached room temperature should be discarded.
  • When widespread power outages occur, there is no way to have enough phone lines or customer service agents to handle all the calls. The fastest way to report a power outage is to use the automated system by dialing 1‑800‑9OUTAGE.
  • Sign up for SMS alerts by texting REG to 36778 and have your account number and postcode ready. The registration model is as follows, including spaces: REG (account number) (zip code). Once registered, text OUT to 36778 to report an outage. You can also report an outage online as a guest. This will let utility workers know that there are still small repairs that may need attention.

Thank you for your patience as Entergy teams are working as quickly as possible to safely restore power to all customers.


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