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It is difficult to understand how much the cost of launching and operating satellites has fallen, especially since the introduction of lower cost launch services from a number of commercial players and the maturation of the business chain. supply of smartphones. The co-founder and CEO of Swarm realized how much the cost curve had changed when she and her co-founder Ben Longmeir realized they could outfit tiny satellites that Longmeir had created as a kind of hobby. for space lovers with the equipment to provide low bandwidth connectivity to low power devices around the world.

In this week’s episode of Found, Sara tells us how she went from an engineering career that included stints at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Google, to creating Swarm as the first founder and CEO. We’ve covered a range of topics, including how Sara and Ben decided who the CEO would be, what it’s like to lead a small but growing team, and how to assess your decisions as a founder and get involved. an action plan to move forward.

Sara has been extremely candid with us about her experience as Founder and CEO, and it’s certainly one of our most open and honest conversations to date.

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