How to check internet speed on your device using TRAI app


The Internet has grown from a simple information-sharing network to a plethora of entertainment and communication tools. Users can now find anything they are looking for on the internet, from recipes, videos, music, articles, news and more.

If you want to get the most out of your internet connection, you need to know how much internet speed you obtain. The amount of data we can upload to the Internet is not limited by the speed of our computers.

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When it comes to internet speed, we all want the fastest. But how can we check the speed of the Internet connection we have?

Here is a simple guide for you to check your internet speed:


Launch the TRAI application on your mobile phone.


Tap the Start Test option and wait for the result.


The result will appear on your screen once the speedometer stops.


You can now choose whether you want to “Test again” or “Send to TRAI”.

What is the TRAI app?
The TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) app allows users to measure the speed of their data. The result is then sent to the TRAI. The app tracks and sends network speed and other network information. The app does not send any personal user information and all results are reported anonymously.



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