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Mumbai, India, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infosoft logo India, a technology leader in providing GST compliant business solutions to MSMEs in Indiaannounced the paid avatar of its easy-to-use cloud-based invoicing and inventory tracking solution’CaptainBiz‘. Accessible on PC and mobile, CaptainBiz is aimed at small businesses in all sectors, namely manufacturers, merchants, distributors, retailers and services.

CaptainBiz currently serves over 46,000 small businesses across the country. CaptainBiz is also represented by the Goods & Services Tax Network (GSTN) of India as an affordable and easy-to-use solution for GST and non-GST businesses. CaptainBiz users can expect a world-class technology infrastructure to run their business smoothly, a dedicated relationship manager, and friendly customer support, Monday through Saturday online (email and chat) or via a help line.

With a monthly subscription plan of Rs. 399/- or annual rupees. 3,990/-, CaptainBiz enables users to manage business tasks more efficiently, such as issuing sales and purchase invoices, tracking inventory, tracking receivables and payables, and providing accounting statements accurate for Chartered Accountants (CA) to declare taxes in a timely manner – all this in less than Rs. 10 per day, the price of a cup of tea!

The key to success is that CaptainBiz supports all bill and invoice formats, with variable billing. Whether a business is engaged in manufacturing, trading, retail, distribution, or services such as maintenance and repair, it can benefit from various GST-compliant invoice and invoice formats, including approved units of measurement (UOM). CaptainBiz also supports the invoicing needs of non-GST companies. Custom invoices can be shared on WhatsApp or via email. It is simple to use by the business owner himself who is already familiar with using email or messaging apps.

Other features and benefits for each type of MSME are described below:


  1. From the consumption of raw materials and consumables, to scrap metal and inventory, users can monitor it all easily anywhere, anytime, on their mobile phone or PC.
  2. Keep track of finished products with CaptainBiz’s Entry slip function.

Traders, Wholesalers or Retailers:

  1. Instantly monitor inventory on your mobile phone or PC. This will ensure users do not over or under stock on any item.
  2. Track payments and never miss a collection. CaptainBiz helps with cash and bank reconciliation for each entry.

Service companies:

  1. Export accounting statements in Excel format for easy filing by the owner’s CA.
  2. Download GST reports, ready to file.

Once successfully registered on, users get a “14-day free trial period” and 5-user access to manage day-to-day business activities. CaptainBiz supports all inbound and outbound processes, including sales and purchase invoices, shipments of goods and materials, and inventory entries that are made with each transaction entry to CaptainBiz’s account. user. CaptainBiz is accessible via PC or the mobile application (Android and iOS).

CaptainBiz user data is 100% secure and stored in India. Only users and certificate authorities selected by the business owner can access the data. This supports the required access rights and security protocol. The list of authorized users can be updated as often as desired.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Sumit RajwadeCTO & Country Leader, Logo Infosoft said, “The MSME industry is the bulwark of the Indian economy. Young SMEs across India aspire to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. With growing momentum towards a digital India, this is a highly tech-aware segment and enthusiastic about using technology to effectively grow their business. They are eager to use state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology to run day-to-day business operations stress-free. CaptainBiz is proud to support them on their journey of growth.”

CaptainBiz is the flagship product of Logo, a technology leader known for providing similar solutions to thousands of customers in South East Europe. Logo entered India coinciding with the introduction of GST to elegantly solve the complexity of GST for SME invoicing and invoicing needs, supporting GST-compliant invoice and variable invoice formats.

About Infosoft Logo

Infosoft India Logoestablished in India in 2016, helps organizations, especially SMEs, improve their core business through innovative use of technology. The parent company, Logo Yazilim, is the largest ISV (Independent Software Vendor) in South East Europe. Started in 1984 in the business world to develop business application software products for personal computers, Logo is today a global group of high-tech companies, focused on improving business processes through information technology . Logo is present worldwide in the field of commercial applications with more than 85,000 customers worldwide. Click here for more details on the company’s history Logo.

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