Inscryption: How to Solve the Secure Puzzle


Inscryption requires players to solve a number of escape room-style puzzles in order to uncover the mystery of this indie horror campaign.

Devolver Digital Encryption is a two-act indie horror game that combines deckbuilding and escape rooms, with elements of psychological horror to keep players on their toes. As the game unfolds and the dark master of the game guides the player deeper and deeper into his twisted campaign, there is much more to this tiny cabin to discover than it appears.

Most of the first act of Encryption revolves around the card game, but the player can get up from the table and explore the booth whenever the card is deployed. There are several puzzles inside the cabin that must be solved to complete the game’s first act. The useful Stoat map acts as a guide as the player weaves their way through this twisted countryside, suggesting that he may be a way for himself and the player to escape from the cabin. If the player leaves the puzzles unresolved for too long, the Ermine will be there with helpful hints to give them a nudge in the right direction.

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Among puzzles such as a peculiar three-hand clock, a locked chest, and a squirrel holding a knife, the player must figure out how to open the safe located to the right of the cabin door. Solving this puzzle and recovering its contents is crucial to progressing through the story and discovering the nature of this twisted campaign.

How to open the safe Encryption

Encryption Exam Pack Rat

To open the safe in act 1 of Encryption, players must find the combination hidden in the cabin. The suit is stamped in the book next to the lantern, just below the hammer hanging on the wall. As they flip through, players will discover that this is a rule book explaining the different symbols on cards and the abilities they represent. The entry of the Mighty Leap ability, which prevents flying enemies from directly attacking the player, will have the image of a safe combination stamped in red ink with the numbers “2 7 3” at the top of the page.

Back to the safe, once players have entered the combination “2 7 3», The safe will open, rewarding the player with a new card and a key. The card, the Stinkbug, speaks like the Stoat card and suggests that there may be more to this escape room than it looks, encouraging the player to find the third speaking card. The key can be used to open the chest located to the left of the door, which the player will need to further unravel the mysteries of the cabin.

Once the Stinkbug is collected, Encryption players can reunite him with the Ermine by sitting down to play another round of cards, which will trigger a dialogue sequence between the two. Adding Stinkbug to the deck will reveal the Stinky ability, causing the directly opposite card to lose power. Not only that, but paying close attention to Stinkbug’s dialogue will reveal clues to the nature of this card game, and possibly even the booth itself.

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Encryption is available on PC.

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