Internet adoption vs. crypto graph predicts 1 billion users by 2027


Crypto influencer Lark davies tweeted a graph showing internet and crypto adoption rates. By superimposing the respective lines, taking into account when the two started to gain ground, a close correlation is demonstrated between the two.

If this trend continues, it is predicted that there will be 1 billion crypto users by 2026/27. That’s a 5-fold increase from current estimates of around 200 million crypto users.

Adoption of cryptography
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Since crypto is based on the Internet, it is reasonable to assume a substantial degree of positive correlation. But, as Web3.0 begins to take off, how could the rate of crypto adoption change?

The adoption of crypto mirrors that of the internet

In early 2020, chain analyst Willy Woo said crypto adoption is on par with the internet. In this, things start slowly, but over time the adoption of crypto will explode.

Woo said the massive adoption of crypto is not there yet, and the masses don’t see it either because human perception tends to process information in a linear fashion.

“Human nature is that which looks at things in a linear position. So we’re not very good at looking at exponential growth, which obviously is what bitcoin does. “

Current estimates of the number of crypto users vary. While Davies puts the figure at 200 million, or roughly 2.5% of the world’s population, research by blockchain solutions company Triple-A puts the number of users at 300 million, or just under 4%. of the world’s population.

On the question of why the massive adoption of crypto is not yet here, Woo said it was the equivalent of a surfer in 1994 asking why no one is using the internet. In other words, adoption is happening right now.

How could Web3.0 fit into this?

Billed as the next evolution of the Internet, Web3.0 has a lot to do. But, as a somewhat nebulous term, what exactly is it and why is it important when it comes to cryptocurrency?

In a Medium article from venture capital firm Fabric Ventures, Web3.0 is described as the ability for users and machines to interact through peer-to-peer networks without the need for third parties.

“The result: a human-centric, composable IT fabric that preserves privacy for the next wave of the Web. “

The term peer-to-peer is an important clue as to how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology fits into the picture.

If Web3 takes off, the logical result is that the internet and blockchain will become fully integrated. Thus, exponentially increasing the adoption of crypto to levels exceeding even Woo’s expectations.


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