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SAN FRANCISCO, June 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Invoice2go Today launched its brand new suite of tools that provide entrepreneurs with software features typically only available to large businesses.

Freelancers and small businesses using Invoice2go can now be paid instantly using Invoice2go Silver, which allows the ACH and the card processing at the lowest rates on the market, to organize their work with Projects, customer communication tools and new accounting integrations, and get more work with websites and instant reviews. Users have long been able to seamlessly send professional and customizable invoices, and can now access the full range of small business services with a subscription starting at $ 5.99 / month.

“The self-employed represent more than 60 million professionals in the United States alone and contribute to their economy,” said Mark Lenhard, CEO of Invoice2go. “They constantly have to fight to win more business and generate predictable cash flow, especially over the past 16 months. At the same time, they have to wear many hats – from sales and marketing to service delivery, finance and payments, and back office administration – to run their business. That’s why we’re here: We offer the simplest tools to help small businesses streamline their work and stay in control. As digital operations become more and more of a necessity, Invoice2go simplifies running a business.

A simple toolkit that puts you in control to run your business your way

Building on its position as the premier independent invoicing platform, Invoice2go is launching several features designed to help freelancers and small business owners:

  • Make payment easier and say goodbye to accounting
    Many small businesses that lack modern banking and payment tools wait days and weeks before they can be paid by their end customers by check or wire transfer, then spend hours doing the bookkeeping to make sense of it. all of this. With the introduction of Invoice2go Silver, users can streamline billing, payments, and banking in one place with zero or low fees. And for those facing a short-term demand for additional capital, whether it is a growth spurt or a seasonal crisis, Invoice2go Money will provide access to short-term loans (currently on-going. management with full deployment planned for the end of 2021).
  • Keep your front and back office organized
    With so much interaction with customers and employees – price negotiations, file sharing, and scheduling issues – small businesses have to work hard to keep things organized. Invoice2go’s Projects and To hire Features streamline all communications for freelancers and small businesses, highlighting their strengths and helping them deliver world-class service. Invoice2go also enables the integration of critical industry-specific software services that are typically reserved for large organizations, all without developers or modifying your current workflow. Integrated applications is the hub for everything you need to scale your business, with initial integrations including the best cloud accounting software: Intuit Quickbooks and Xero and the major players in the SMB Payroll and Bookkeeping spaces to follow.
  • Find and earn more work
    Even in 2021, establishing and maintaining an online presence is complex and time consuming, but having an up-to-date website and listings in online markets and directories is critical to success. Invoice2go’s Instant Websites allow freelancers and small businesses to establish and maintain an online presence in just a few clicks using the information already in their Invoice2go account. These websites are automatically discoverable in search engines, and new leads flow directly into the customer lists of Invoice2go users. New Comments The feature automatically collects ratings and reviews from their customers that appear on an Invoice2go user’s instant website, and can be used for email and text marketing.

Getting started on Invoice2go is easy – it’s free for 30 days, and from there users choose plans ranging from $ 5.99 to $ 39.99 / month and subscribe monthly or annually. Each provides an unlimited number of team members and invoices. Invoice2go also makes it easy to accept digital payments with simple and transparent fees ranging from 2.9% to 3.5% for free card payments and bank transfers, representing the best value in the market. Email and chat support is available on all plans with phone support available with the Premium plan. It takes less than three minutes to get your business online and get started!

A customizable community approach for small businesses

Christina Waters, a baker from Florida, says, “I’m old fashioned. I mean, I bake cakes from scratch for a living. Still, it’s nice to stay in this century with new technology. We started to ship our products everywhere and the paperwork started to get too much to handle. The simplicity of Invoice2go has helped me avoid wasting money by staying organized. I also spent a lot less time waiting for client funds.

Napoleon Garcia, a specialist manufacturer from California, says: “At the very beginning, when we started, I needed a mobile solution. Today, my company has 40 employees and a 40,000 square foot factory, and Invoice2go has been instrumental in this growth. – Features like mobile estimates, invoices and signatures on the iPad are game-changing because you don’t need an official printed document. Our company shares Apple’s theory that you have to be innovative, always make change – and I love that Invoice2go embodies that same mindset. “

Invoice2go’s commitment to helping small business owners do what they do best is to help underserved communities break down the structural barriers that prevent them from starting and sustaining their businesses. Leading and creating inclusive communities is a core tenet of Invoice2go’s global mission, and the company plans to announce exciting new programs that directly support small business owners from under-represented groups in July.

About Invoice2go

Invoice2go is a technology company that provides freelancers and small businesses with simple tools that simplify their daily workflow. Our software enables users to grow their customer base, manage billing and payments, maintain financial well-being, grow their brand and more.

Backed by Accel, Ribbit Capital and OCV, Invoice2go is used by more than 200,000 freelancers and small business owners in more than 160 countries who send more than $ 24 billion in invoices each year. To create a free account, go to, or download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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