iOS 14.7: When will your iPhone receive the next upgrade and what changes are coming?


iOS 14.7 will give the iPhone some cool new features.

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Apples IOS 14.6 Update arrived in late May with new features, including another way to locate lost items AirTags trackers and high-fidelity Apple Music support. But we are already looking forward to iOS 14.7, which is currently available in public beta.

iOS 14.7 appears to be another small update, which is no surprise. The big update arrived with iOS 14.5 in April, which includes the ability to unlock your iPhone with Face identification while wearing a mask, prevent apps from tracking you for advertising purposes and choose from four Siri voices.

Here’s what we know about iOS 14.7 so far. In addition, check out all you need to know about Apple’s upcoming iOS 15 update.

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iOS 14.7 is now available in beta for developers.

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When will iOS 14.7 be available for download?

iOS 14.7 is currently available in public beta. But be careful: beta versions are often buggy and should only be downloaded to a test device, not your primary phone. We recommend that you wait for the final version before downloading. We are planning a general release in late June or early July.

How can I download iOS 14.7 once it is generally available?

Once Apple releases iOS 14.7 to the public, you should receive a prompt telling you that iOS 14.7 is now available and asking if you would like to download it. Or you can do the following:

1. Open the Settings application.

2. To select General.

3. Tap Software update.

Your device will connect to Apple’s servers and prompt you to download and install the update. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. When your device restarts, it is running iOS 14.7. (Consult our full instructions on getting your phone ready and downloading iOS 14 here.)

What devices will iOS 14.7 work on?

iOS 14.7 will be compatible with all of the same devices as iOS 14. In general, these include the iPhone 6S through iPhone 12, as well as the iPhone SE and the seventh generation iPod Touch. For the full list of devices compatible with iOS 14, click here.


You will be able to download iOS 14.7 to the iPhone 6S through the iPhone 12, shown here.

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What new features will iOS 14.7 include?

The latest OS update appears to be smaller and focused on changes under the hood. Here’s what we’ve seen in the beta of the software so far.

Set timers on your HomePod using the Home app

While you may have been able to set timers on HomePod for a while, previously you had to do so using Siri. In iOS 14.7, you can set a timer for your HomePod through the Home app without having to ask Siri, like 9to5Mac found in developer beta code. The new option is located under HomePod Alarms.


In iOS 14.7, you will be able to set a timer for your HomePod through the Home app.

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Weather app’s air quality functionality extends to more countries

iOS 14 added the ability to see air quality readings in the Weather app, but only in a few areas. In the iOS 14.7 developer beta, this feature appears to be extended to more countries, 9to5Mac spotted.

Fixed battery drain bug

Several people reported a problem with their IPhone battery drains quickly since the update to iOS 14.6. Apple has yet to fix the issue, but it looks like it can be fixed in iOS 14.7.

To learn more, check out some of the best hidden iPhone features we found in iOS 14. And before updating the operating system, make sure your iPhone and iPad are ready to do this.


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