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Job heroes is a fast growing Australian company providing SaaS based HR software product for small and medium businesses. They have deals in multiple parts of the world including Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, UK, and Singapore. This company was founded in 2014 and has more than 5,300 customers worldwide and more than 270,000 active users. It invests $ 7.5 million per year and claims that its users can save 80% of human resource administration time by using this platform.


Employment Hero offers three paid plans for its HR software as well as a number of optional extras (Image credit: Job Hero)

Packages and prices

There is a free trial available which is a good option, but the trial duration is not detailed. Employment Hero offers a number of plans in different categories, as well as bundles, as well as additional add-ons. While this approach can be a bit more complicated to set up up front, the benefit is that a business can acquire the functionality it needs, without having to pay for extras it doesn’t have.

HR offers take a three-level approach. The starting level, nicknamed HR standard, costs $ 7 per employee per month. It includes paperless integration, leave management and an HR library. Very small businesses with few employees should be aware that there is a minimum cost of $ 99 per month.

The next level is HR bonus, and is priced at $ 10 per user each month. This “recommended” mid-plan includes the functionality of the lower plan and adds functionality such as expenses, performance reviews, custom reports, and an asset ledger, but also imposes the same minimum monthly fee.

The upper level plan is RH Platinum, and orders a premium cost of $ 14 per user per month. This plan includes all the features of the lower two tier plans and notably adds unlimited phone support. Additional features include goal setting, custom fields, custom branding, and API access. Very small businesses should also be aware that the minimum monthly fee is up to $ 199 / month for this plan.

There is also some flexibility with the optional extras on offer which can be added to any of the previous levels. These include a Employee Assistance Program (PAE) for $ 5 / employee / month, one HR advice line for $ 5 / employee / month, and finally premium e-learning content via Learning More for $ 12 / employee / month.

It’s also worth noting that there are two distinct levels of payroll software, starting at $ 4 / user / month. Additionally, there are options to bundle HR and Payroll modules into the exact plan your business needs.


Employment Hero offers both HR and payroll software for small and medium businesses (Image credit: Job Hero)


Employment Hero offers a fully cloud-based, automated HR software solution. It’s designed to cover all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruiting to leaving, and everything in between, like onboarding, engagement, and productivity. It is completely paperless, including timesheets, contracts and policies. It also emphasizes employee engagement, with a database of “Pulse Checking, Reward and Recognition, and Learning and Development” tools that can be applied across a department or even an entire organization!

Recruitment is a challenge for any HR department, and also for HR software. We love the feature of Employment Hero which allows you to post a new job posting on 15 job boards simultaneously, without leaving the software. Once the application accepts the role, it can guide the candidate through the onboarding process with features that streamline the process, such as virtual contracts, having employees complete their own files electronically, and online policy confirmation.


You can visit the Employment Hero Help Desk and FAQs on its site as well as check the status of its platform. (Image credit: Job Hero)


Support for Employment Hero lacks some important support options, such as an email address, chat, or fax number. Direct phone support is available, but requires the higher level plan. The only option on lower plans to get in touch directly is a support portal, and opening hours or turnaround time is not listed.

Knowledge Articles

Employment Hero has knowledge articles on a number of HR and Payroll related topics. (Image credit: Job Hero)

For those who want it, or even prefer a more user-centric approach to support, the options are plentiful. There is a well done Help Center, with access to knowledge articles, such as “Employee Onboarding” located in the section called “Employment Hero HR Web Platform” which also has loads of other articles to guide people. . There’s also a full FAQ, and even on-demand Hero Academy training, such as the 18-minute video for new users “Welcome to Time and Attendance”, and even includes a nice introductory paragraph to detail it. that the video intends to cover.

In the event of an outage, there is also a platform status article for live updates. The latest release notes can also be accessed through the helpdesk to keep up to date with the latest updates.

Final verdict

Employment Hero offers a compelling solution for automation within an HR department, with an emphasis on streamlining the process to save time. Benefits include up-front pricing and features like a full help desk with pre-designed articles and video content, job engagement features, choice of tiers, and flexibility with bundles and packages. add-ons, and that the platform is designed to operate completely paperless. There are some drawbacks to be noted, such as the limited direct support options and top-tier only phone support, the annoying minimal monthly costs that will certainly upset even the smallest of businesses, and the emphasis on only certain ones. markets around the world. Overall, Employment Hero answers the essentials, and many companies would do well to take a close look at it via the free trial.

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