Judge denies request to block teenage rapist’s internet access


A Tauranga District Court judge has denied a request by the Corrections Department to block convicted rapist Jayden Meyer’s internet access.

It comes after fake online posts that appeared to be from Meyer mocking his sentence were deleted last week.

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Deputy Regional Commissioner of Corrections for the Northern Region, Ali Rei, said corrections will continue to monitor him very closely.

She said he was already subject to 20 court-imposed conditions, including that he hand over any device capable of accessing the internet upon request.

Meyer, 18, was charged after multiple complaints to police from young Bay of Plenty women who alleged sexual abuse in 2020 and 2021.

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An investigation followed, resulting in 10 charges including four of rape, four of sexual assault and two of indecent act. There were five young female victims, four of whom were raped and one was sexually assaulted.

Meyer was sentenced to nine months of house arrest and an additional 12 months of post-release conditions, including a ban on associating with anyone under the age of 16 and not participating in a violence prevention program sexual.



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