Mark Zuckerberg’s wife says Facebook founder has been teaching daughter to code since age three


Mark Zuckerberg’s nighttime routine with his daughters involves teaching them to code.

Priscilla Chan, who shares her daughters Maxima, five, and August, four, with Zuckerberg, discussed her husband’s dedication to teaching their children how to code during an interview with The temperature.

According to Chan, who met the founder of Facebook while they were students at Harvard University, she and Zuckerberg share parenting duties, with her husband in charge of putting their children to bed.

“Sometimes they’ll read books together. Sometimes they code together, ”she explained, adding that there are many effective ways to teach children to code because it is“ very visual ”.

She continued, “Mark has been doing this with August since she was three.”

Chan, who notes that she is originally Chinese and speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, also revealed that Zuckerberg’s bedtime routine includes saying a prayer in Mandarin, but that she and her husband did not “do very well” in raising their daughters bilingual.

“You know we’ve tried and we haven’t had much success, but we spend time making sure they’re… multicultural,” she said of their daughters, whom they are raising. as Jewish.

This isn’t the first time the couple have talked about teaching their daughters to code, as Zuckerberg previously shared a photo on Facebook of August learning to code on a MacBook in June.

At the time, the father of two said that Kano coding software was “awesome enough to teach kids to code.”

However, Zuckerberg noted that it is not always easy to teach a child to code, as he explained in the comments under the article that “teaching a child to type is one of the most important things. great tests of patience that I have ever experienced ”.

“August types at literally 1-2wpm [words per minute], “he continued.” And when she puts a few letters in a word, then makes a mistake and accidentally presses Delete three times instead of one, then has to type the whole word again, I feel like I will lose it. “

Zuckerberg himself learned to code when he was in sixth grade, the founder of Facebook having previously revealed that C ++ for dummies was his first formal introduction to coding.

As to whether the couple will allow their daughters to use Zuckerberg-owned social media platforms, Chan told the outlet their children will be allowed at 13 because “it’s the rule” – despite recent research linking Instagram to body image problems. teenage.

According to Chan, the “important thing” is to talk to his children about these issues, the 36-year-old adding: “Social media is an online community, but children engage in many communities that they – we – don’t have full control, and there are a lot of variables that go into keeping them happy, healthy, and safe.

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