Microsoft Edge Dev Improves Read Aloud Feature on Android and iOS in Latest Update


What do you want to know

  • Microsoft Edge Dev has just received an update to version 108.0.1438.1.
  • The update adds two new management policies and a few other fixes.
  • Microsoft has also improved the read aloud feature on iOS and Android.

Microsoft just released Edge Build 108.0.1438.1 (opens in a new tab) Dev Channel Insiders. The update is relatively minor, but it does feature a pair of new management policy options. It also improves read-aloud functionality on iOS and Android.

Edge Dev 108.0.1438.1: added features

  • Added a management policy to disable Web Select
  • Games added to
  • Added a management policy to control workspaces
  • Added an experimental API to WebView2 to create shared memory buffers with JavaScript objects
  • Improved read-aloud UX on Android

Edge Dev 108.0.1438.1: Improved reliability

  • Improved read aloud highlighting in iOS
  • Fixed an issue on HoloLens where restarting the device while Edge was still open would prevent Edge from browsing.
  • Fixed an issue where the edge://management page was not loading
  • Fixed the Find on Page tool showing results from a different tab than the one on
  • Fixed an issue where the purchase prompt would appear multiple times on the same page
  • Improved iOS Writing Assistant
  • Fixed an issue where setting DownloadRestrictions Group Policy to BlockPotentiallyDangerousDownloads blocks all RDP file downloads
  • Fixed an issue where none of the buttons in the Send Feedback dialog were working
  • Fixed an issue for 8K video option not being available on YouTube videos
  • Fixed an issue with the scrollbar becoming thin when scrolling
  • Fixed super resolution crashing the browser

Edge Dev 108.0.1438.1: changed behavior

  • Fixed a crash when using the edge bar
  • Fixed a crash when signing up for Microsoft Rewards
  • Fixed an issue where sound was sometimes distorted when using Efficiency mode
  • Fixed an issue on mobile where read aloud options sometimes did not work
  • Fixed a crash when paying using shopping tools and features
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new browser profile
  • Fixed an issue where passwords could not be imported from a CSV file
  • Fixed an issue on mobile where Guided Switch would not properly redirect to the expected page if the page requires login
  • Fixed a crash when the Translate popup appears
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new browser profile
  • Fixed a crash when navigating to edge://support/version
  • Fixed a crash when using the command palette in an InPrivate window
  • Fixed a crash when displaying the address bar dropdown
  • Fixed issue where placing the cursor on the far right of the screen and then using the scroll wheel did not scroll the page
  • Fixed an issue where Netflix playback would fail with error D7355-1204
  • Fixed an issue where Visual Search would sometimes not open when it should
  • Deprecated the built-in certificate viewer policy
  • Fixed an issue that only occurred when using the built-in clone tool
  • Fixed an issue where the browser crashed when closing and received a prompt to restore tabs unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue where pinning helper would not load in the browser
  • Deprecate the NewSmartScreenEnabled rule
  • Fixed a crash when opening the sidebar
  • Fixed an error with the certificate not showing up in the certificate picker if they had a long name, so they will show up now
  • Fixed print preview dialog crashing (going blank) for some PDFs
  • Fixed iOS password details so that the view does not show an empty page
  • Fixed Android issue with Read Aloud that would no longer work if you lost and reconnected to the network while playing
  • Fixed a crash when autofilling passwords
  • Fix adding new folder and back text cut off when bold text for iOS
  • Bugfixes WebView2 applications returned errors if their paths used Unicode characters
  • Enable rule NewTabPageAppLauncherEnabled
  • Bug fixes for sites that some sites like YouTube did not load
  • Fixed opening a PWA that crashed the browser
  • Fixed a crash on launch when certain apps were installed
  • Changed behavior for restore session when clicking on a recently closed suggestion
  • Fixed a bug in WebView applications where some dialog boxes like the file picker do not appear when the application is running with administrator privileges
  • Fixed an issue with WebView applications where they would not load if the path contained certain characters
  • Fixed special handling for “Save as PDF” is done to print based on selected percentage and not other defaults
  • Fixed an iOS issue where getting stuck in a login loop when trying to login to the browser
  • Fixed iOS issues with crashing on launch
  • Fixed hide transition when exiting scroll area
  • Fixed Android crash when using accessibility features

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