Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment Scores Below Satisfactory


Minnesota Standardized State Assessments, also known as MCAs, test students’ proficiency in assessing reading, science, and math skills.

Duluth students’ MCA scores have improved from 2020 results, but current scores haven’t quite returned to pre-pandemic levels.

However, Duluth Superintendent John Magas said Minnesota students and teachers are still recovering academically from the pandemic.

“Statewide results also declined. thus there was a decline in performance across the state. but some of that is reflected here in Duluth. Magas said.

One in three students in Duluth public schools did not meet expected scores for math or science assessments.

Superintendent Magas said Duluth Public Schools are addressing the unlearning and emotional needs of students at the start of the school year.

“We have unfinished funding from our legislature with $9.25 billion on the table. It was not awarded to students. Magas said.

With more funds available to public school districts, the universal program will be more accessible to students in the Duluth district.

Superintendent Magas also mentioned that math and science test scores were similar to the rest of Minnesota.

However, Duluth students’ MCA scores in reading were closer to pre-pandemic levels.

MCA scores are available on the Minnesota Department of Education website.


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