National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) Awarded Primary Contract for System Parametric Information Relational Intelligence Tool (SPIRIT-II) to CALNET, Inc.


RESTON, Virginia, October 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CALNET announced today that it has won an award for providing software services, system enhancements and maintenance for the Parametric System Information Relational Intelligence Tool (SPIRIT) for the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Partnership for success

National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) awards prime contract to CALNET, Inc. for
Relation of the parametric information of the system

SPIRIT is a software application designed to maintain feature and performance data on foreign military equipment in a relational database environment. SPIRIT’s mission is to provide information on the overall capacity and vulnerability of military equipment. By viewing the SPIRIT software, a commander can acquire detailed information about the equipment so that they can make informed decisions when faced with an enemy using it. NGIC IT is moving from legacy development approaches and management of monolithic systems to security and development operations (DevSecOps [DSO]) practices. Additionally, NGIC needs solutions that respond to innovation and agility in delivering high quality software and systems for the modernized environment.

Kaleem shah, President and CEO of CALNET, said, “Military service members and DOD personnel extensively use SPIRIT to track and maintain military equipment capabilities. Using development, security and operations (DevSecOps [DSO]) practices and innovative software solutions, we will improve productivity, improve usability and maintain critical records at optimum cost and efficiency. “

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CALNET is a private company in the field of intelligence analysis, linguistic services and IT consulting services. Since 1989, CALNET has helped federal, state and business organizations remain agile by achieving explicit business results through the rapid application and delivery of advanced information technology solutions. Additionally, CALNET provides intelligence analysis and linguistic services solutions to the US military and the intelligence community (IC) around the world. CALNET’s success as a business depends solely on providing our customers with the people and solutions they need in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our value proposition is based on the talent and experience that CALNET, with its partners, highlights for each engagement. Our company slogan: “Partnering for Success” signifies our commitment to winning clients one project at a time. CALNET is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.

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