New Ghostbusters box set omits 2016 film, and director wants answers


The question “what is Ghostbusters?” Is the one who would apparently have a straightforward, straightforward answer. But a new box set has once again thrown the question to the winds. the ghost hunters Ultimate Collection, a new collection of Blu-ray recently available for pre-order on Walmart, sparked controversy for what it doesn’t include: Paul Feig’s 2016 reboot, Ghostbusters: answer the call.

With no details included in the list yet, this is what the box appears to include: the 1984 ghost hunters movie, a reprint of the 1985 book Make ghost hunters by Don Shay, who details the production of that original film right down to the notes accompanying the script (and is portrayed by the Patreon Ghostbusters News as “very rare and holy grail” for collectors), the 1989 sequel Ghostbusters 2, 2021 Ghostbusters: the afterlife, and what appear to be two discs of bonus content.

Add up the two disks supposed to accompany each movie, all packed in a box designed to look like a proton pack, and the Ultimate collection comes together as a pretty complete Ghostbusters. package for one person spending $ 145 (or $ 14 per month on layaway) for a full Ghostbusters package. But can this be the “Ultimate” roster without Feig’s movie, which starred Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth?

Feig doesn’t think so. “I know this must be a mistake,” he tweeted on Sony Pictures, after reading the news on SlashFilm. He notes in the tweet that the film has its own fans, has cameos from the original team, and won the Kids’ Choice Award for Best Picture in 2017. “So I guess that was just an oversight? ” (Polygon has reached out to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for clarification and will update this story when comments become available.)

Fans and detractors of his film, which is now often called Ghostbusters: answer the call. “That’s why i don’t participate ghost hunters fandom more. Total contempt for women. I know where I am not wanted … ”, we read a tweet, which meets a multitude of responses emphasizing that in reality, Life after death had a female protagonist.

While some argue that Answer the callits absence is due to the fact that it takes place in a different universe from the other three Ghostbusters films, the battle lines on Feig’s films have been set since Jan. 27, 2015 when the all-female Ghostbusters crew was announced.

The cast of Ghostbusters 2016 promoting the film
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The backlash was intense. “In the weeks after the movie was announced, I was so inundated with hate that I almost thought ‘Maybe I shouldn’t do this, maybe this is a bad idea'” , Feig said. Yahoo! Movies a few months later. Wiig told the Los Angeles Times that “it didn’t make me angry, it just really disappointed me.”

The vitriol continued in 2016, when Answer the callthe trailer was inundated with disgust, quickly becoming what appeared to be the most hated movie trailer in the history of YouTube.

As Alissa Wilkinson noted in Vox, the intensity of the backlash against Answer the call reminded of “Gamergate, which started with the bizarre and misogynistic harassment of a number of women in the gaming world, has grown into a veritable onslaught of online trolls and has ultimately become a role model for recruiting mostly young men into the booming industry. . alt-right. the ghost hunters The backlash was also largely perpetuated by a violently vociferous minority, and took in part the same form as Gamergate, particularly in the way it targeted women and people of color.

A film whose hype cycle was dominated by the Culture Wars, Answer the call was left without many natural allies and several vocal enemies. Some saw it as a destruction of their childhood, others an easy reboot of the money. But that didn’t stop him from making money – he ultimately won $ 200 million worldwide.

Of course, it’s unexpected for a movie to have “allies” and “enemies” in the first place. Speaking in 2017 at the Vulture festival, Feig regretted that Answer the call “Has become so much of a cause. I think some of our spectators were like, “What the hell is this? We don’t want to go to a cause. We just wanna watch a fucking movie. ‘”

But for all those who just hope to watch the 2016 ghost hunters for what it is, Sony’s new cabinet, as it appears on the list, will not answer the call.

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