New Software to Improve Midland County Election Transparency, Access


The Midland County Office of Elections has received approval to purchase and implement new secure election technology software.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Midland County Office of Elections received approval for the purchase and implementation of new secure election technology software.

“There is a new election night program called Scytl and it will show individual races in color; it will show the number of voters per precinct,” said Midland County Elections Administrator Carolyn Graves.

The software provides secure, real-time election night results that increase transparency, access, and are easily shared by voters, media, and candidates.

This is an upgrade from the way they used to do things.

“Before, all we could do was print out a written report, and we just published those pages,” Graves said.

The new online technology is a tool that benefits the Election Office and Midland County voters by streamlining the process and instilling confidence in the electoral process.

“You won’t have to wait for two or three pitches to come in,” Graves said. “We can upload and post as they come in, which will be a lot faster and make it, I think, a little more interesting.”

Denton, Parker, and Lubbock counties are some of the counties in Texas that currently use Scytl. Midland County will soon be part of it.

Starting Oct. 29, you can actually watch the Midland County Elections Office do its job via live stream. This feed is captured by surveillance cameras throughout the office.

They will also review ballots on election night. You can find this livestream on Midland County website.


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