North Korean provinces review COVID-19 measures ahead of Kim Il Sung’s birthday


As North Korea looks ahead to the 110th anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s birth on April 15, each of the country’s provinces has been tasked with compiling and submitting reports on the measures they have taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. 19.

“The government has ordered officials from provinces, directly administered cities and special cities across the country to submit comprehensive reports on the pandemic measures they administered while the country was in an emergency situation over the past two years. The measures will be reviewed in a virtual conference at the end of the month,” a source in North Hamgyong Province told Daily NK on Wednesday.

According to the source, this is the first comprehensive examination to be carried out under the auspices of the Central Anti-Epidemic Emergency Command, which was established in North Korea at the start of the pandemic. The North Korean government wants comprehensive reports from the provinces to cover the degree of completion of their pandemic measures, the thoroughness and rigor of the implementation of these measures, and the current measures they are taking to remain vigilant and alert.

Now that the changes brought about by the coronavirus have largely become part of people’s daily routines, the North Korean government has stressed that each province should report candidly what measures the pandemic leaders have taken to raise people’s awareness of the pandemic measures, how many accidents and deaths have occurred during the fight against the pandemic and what treatments have been used in the field of public health.

“In its instructions, the government affirms that while the emergency measures against the pandemic have had important results in saving lives and restoring stability to the country, there have also been areas of shortcomings, and an assessment is needed to address these shortcomings. again,” the source said.

Accordingly, the Pandemic Directorate in North Hamgyong Province has conducted a comprehensive review and analysis of all pandemic emergency measures taken in recent years in cities and counties across the province ( especially those close to the border), producing a report which he then submitted. to the central government.

As North Korea’s government asks provinces to submit reports on measures taken during the pandemic, provincial officials quietly hope that this means the government intends to start easing the country’s border lockdown, it said. The source.

Even so, most officials would be of the view that they will not be able to resume the smuggling that was common before the border was closed, either at the individual or institutional level.

“Most officials don’t hold out much hope on this as the government is likely to maintain the extremely tough measures it has imposed along the border during the pandemic,” the source said.

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