Opera 86 update adds address bar drop-down categories, text snapshot and crop tool


The Opera browser has been updated to version 86 in the stable channel. The patch brings a polished address bar and some useful additions to the app’s built-in screenshot utility.

What’s new in Opera 86

Address bar categories

Opera has tweaked the search functionality of its address bar. When you type something there, the drop-down menu that appears now indicates whether a displayed result is a web search, a bookmark, or an item in your browsing history.

Web searches are highlighted with a magnifying glass icon, along with the name of your default search engine. Your History and Favorites pages appear at the bottom of the panel and are listed in their respective categories. Tabs that are open and match the keyword can be easily identified using the “Switch to Tab” button.

opera browser address bar drop down categories

Tip: If you don’t like the new addition, you can disable it from the Experimental Settings page. Go to opera://flags. Look for the option called “Address bar drop-down categories”, its value is set to Default[E]. Set it to disabled and it will restore the old address bar without the categories.

Bookmark results are not displaying reliably for me.

Text Snapshot

The Opera browser screenshot tool can now create screenshots based on text selection. To use it, simply select text on a web page. You will need to select three or more words to trigger the option. Click on the Snapshot option that appears in the context panel.

text snapshot opera browser 2

This will create a new snapshot containing the text you highlighted.

text snapshot opera browser

The browser will open its snapshot editor, which you can use to edit the image, add effects to it, and more. It lets you save the image to your computer as a PNG file, copy it to clipboard, add it to Pinboards, or share it on social media websites.

Crop tool

Opera’s Snapshot Editor has a new tool that can be used to crop images after taking a screenshot. This can be useful for removing unwanted elements like buttons, borders, YouTube search bar, etc. from an otherwise nice screenshot. The button for the new edit option is located on the right edge of the toolbar.

crop tool in opera browser snapshot editor

Crypto wallet

The Opera Crypto Wallet has been renamed to simply Crypto Wallet. It offers a side panel that you can use to manage cryptocurrency transactions. It is not enabled by default and can be enabled from browser settings > Advanced > Crypto Wallet. The indicator setting for this feature is called Native Crypto Wallet.

Opera crypto wallet

The company has made progress in the cryptocurrency space, last week it released the Opera Crypto browser for iOS. The Web3 browser debuted in January 2022, for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Fixes in Opera 86

The Switch to Tab button that appears in the address bar should no longer jump to the wrong tab. Pressing the spacebar will not display an empty suggestion panel. The auto-completed text will display in the address field after the suggestion is deleted by the user.

Opera 86 update is based on Chromium 100.0.4896.127. You can download the latest version for Windows, macOS or Linux from the official website.

Horizontal tab scrolling, which was introduced in the dev channel release of Opera 86, hasn’t made its way to the stable channel yet, though you can toggle a flag to enable it.


Opera 86 update adds address bar drop-down categories, text snapshot and crop tool

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Opera 86 update adds address bar drop-down categories, text snapshot and crop tool

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Opera 86 update introduces drop-down categories in the address bar, a new Text Snapshot mode and a cropping tool for the screenshot editor,




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