Over 60% of organizations prioritize speed over security when releasing software


Purple Book Community Releases State of Application Security Operations Survey Reveals Troubling Priorities for Development Organizations

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Purple Book Community, a community of top security leaders with AppSecOps leader ArmorCode, today announced the release of “State of Application Security Operations 2022.” The survey of more than 500 security and application development professionals revealed that many companies prioritize speed of delivery over security.

Over 63% of respondents agree with the statement, “Fast app shipping takes priority over secure shipping,” and over 42% admit to having “unmanaged risk in their portfolio.” However, 71% say they have enough application security data to understand the security risk to the business, but 60% say their organization lacks the visibility to properly audit applications before they are released.

“The survey results show that companies are underwater when it comes to application security,” said Nikhil Gupta, CEO and Founder of ArmorCode. “It’s not a lack of awareness that their apps launch in an insecure state, it’s their inability to keep up with how fast apps need to be launched and updated to stay competitive as a business. Organizations are willing to sacrifice security in order to retain the agility needed to stay competitive.”

In order to keep pace with developer teams, the survey highlighted a few ways organizations are trying to better secure apps ahead of launch. Respondents ranked “automating critical AppSec workflows” as their number one priority for the next twelve months, and efforts are underway to strengthen relationships with DevOps and AppSec teams and hire more talent. Other findings included:

  • Respondents ranked “AppSec tools embedded in the DevOps pipeline” as the #1 AppSec initiative
  • “Collaboration between security and development teams” is both a top 3 challenge and a top priority for respondents over the next 12 months
  • “Hiring qualified application security engineers” was ranked as the #1 challenge to building a successful AppSec program

Stop by the ArmorCode booth, (Early Stage Expo, booth #6) at RSA 2022 to learn more about the state of application security operations, or download the full report here.

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