People who help create a safe space for LGBT + people from ethnic minorities


A support group for LGBT + people from South Asian communities and BAME celebrates five years since its inception.

Founded by mental health worker Vish and scientist Dr Numair Masud, Glitter Cymru wants to help its limbs “shine, sparkle and feel visible”.

“I come from a very traditional South Asian family and we don’t talk about LGBT + identities,” says Vish.

Glitter Cymru was formed after Vish and Numair met five years ago

“I went to study in London and got to see what other communities were doing. What the wider LGBT + community was doing was very inspiring to me.”

“Five years ago we launched Glitter Cymru, and it’s definitely for all ethnic minorities in South Wales.

“We have refugees, we have asylum seekers, we have local residents like me born and raised in Wales, international students. We all learn from each other.”

Numair, who works at Cardiff University, said the group can play an important role in bringing people together.

“I am from Pakistan where the penal code there criminalizes gay people so for me there were some unique challenges that could potentially be a threat to my life which is why I am now a refugee here in the UK ” he says.

Glitter Cymru hosts weekly get-togethers, as well as training and wellness workshops

“I was extremely lucky that my parents were quite open-minded, so although I was very aware of using the ‘gay’ label, I could talk about sex.

“When you remove all the labels, we are basically just humans and we want to be treated as humans with dignity and respect. And who wouldn’t want that? “

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