Queen’s Park Update, September 17, 2021


Looking across the country, many regions are heavily affected by a fourth wave of COVID-19. The new Delta variant is much more contagious and has more serious effects on the health of our communities. In response, governments have had to step up measures to protect their citizens and health care capacity. But, the data is clear, our vaccines are proving to be our best weapon in fighting COVID-19, keeping our schools open and starting the road to recovery. For residents who are still hesitant to get vaccinated, I encourage you to read “Vax Facts” by Dr. Paul Roumeliotis at https://eohu.ca/en/covid/dr-paul-s-vax-facts. If you have not received your two doses of vaccine, please visit the BSEO website at www.EOHU.ca/vaccines for the next time and location of local clinics and pharmacies available.

As part of Ontario’s response, proof of vaccination and photo ID will be required to access certain businesses and establishments starting Wednesday, September 22. If you have a green and white map of OHIP, you can upload your vaccination certificate to www.Ontario.ca/ Covid-19[FEMININESivousavezunecarteOHIProugeetblancheousivousavezbesoind’aidevouspouvezappelerle1-833-943-3900DeplusuncertificatdevaccinationamélioréavecuncodeQRuniqueseradisponibledèsle22octobreenformatpapieretélectroniqueNotregouvernementtravailleactuellementavecd’autresjuridictionsprovincialespourrépondreauxexigencesdesécuritéetdecompatibilitérequisesVouspouvezconsulterlesrèglementsàhttps://wwwontarioca/Laws/regulation/r21645[FEMININESivousavezunecarteOHIProugeetblancheousivousavezbesoind’aidevouspouvezappelerle1-833-943-3900DeplusuncertificatdevaccinationamélioréavecuncodeQRuniqueseradisponibledèsle22octobreenformatpapieretélectroniqueNotregouvernementtravailleactuellementavecd’autresjuridictionsprovincialespourrépondreauxexigencesdesécuritéetdecompatibilitérequisesVouspouvezconsulterlesrèglementsàhttps://wwwontarioca/laws/regulation/r21645Lesvoyagesàl’extérieurduCanadaauronttoujoursbesoind’undocumentfédéraldepreuvedevaccinationactuellementencoursd’élaboration

Earlier this month, the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) withdrew many of its services, especially for our seniors and youth. We know this is a critical issue for Ontarians. The government had engaged in active discussions with the OAO on current rates for OHIP-insured optometry services, with a focus on evidence, best practices and how to improve outcomes for health insurance. the patients. The health ministry agreed to conditions to continue negotiations through mediation. He is ready to continue meaningful and productive discussions with Ontario optometrists to ensure Ontarians can continue to access the high-quality eye health and vision care services they deserve.

As we cautiously reopen Ontario, the government is asking residents to renew all Ontario government documents, including driver’s licenses, plate stickers, Ontario photo cards and Ontario health cards. Ontario. License renewals were not required during COVID-19, but expired or expiring documents will now need to be renewed by February 28, 2022. The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has been working hard to upgrade its online services. We encourage residents to use the Service Ontario online portal to receive prompt and efficient service.

September is back to school month and the task of educating our children is well advanced. As I am sure you appreciate the challenges of keeping our schools running safely during the pandemic, we need the cooperation of parents, students and school staff if we are to be successful. The Eastern Ontario Health Unit, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has issued local requirements for safe practices and pre-testing to control and limit the spread of the virus in our schools. Our students are our future and their success is vital to our communities and our country.

As always, be careful and get vaccinated if you haven’t already.


Jim McDonell

MP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry

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