Resources continue to be shared following sexual assaults near Northgate


BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Several law enforcement agencies and programs in the area are sharing resources after two people were sexually assaulted near Northgate last weekend.

As they continue to search for the person responsible for the attacks, residents and students are on high alert. A person of interest was seen on surveillance video attempting to enter several homes.

Bryan and College Station Police have increased their presence around Northgate and nearby residential areas. They are encouraging residents to lock all windows and doors while the BPD continues its investigation.

This also has a Corps of Cadets program on campus that sees four times the amount of foot traffic they usually do.

“I think every student wants to feel safe where they are. And for A&M, we all call this campus home,” Corps Commander Grayson Winchester said.

The corps escorts are on duty as soon as it gets dark. The program sends a pair of cadets to anyone who feels unsafe on campus at night. Winchester says what was maybe 15 calls a night has grown to more than 70.

“We had to adjust our procedures to be able to respond to this type of request. So we have over 2,000 cadets here in the Corps, and we’re attracting more who are willing and able to walk other students around campus.

Winchester said executives expect the program to exceed 100 calls overnight. “We have adapted to the needs, and we will continue to adapt as these needs become present.

Even though body escorts are only available on campus, it’s just one of many shared resources right now. The university’s police department released a statement on Wednesday encouraging students to use the “Friend Walk” feature on the Code Maroon app.

The UPD also says Blue Light phones located around campus can be used to contact first responders in the event of an emergency. While body escorts and blue phones are only found on campus, Winchester says, with increased awareness of the program, more students are looking to help each other.

“I’ve had students who aren’t in the Corps call me to find out how they can help too,” he said. “It was great to see a college community, even beyond the Corps of Cadets, come together and say, ‘Hey, we want people to feel safe. We want it to look like a house. What are the next steps we can take. »

According to the police, it is important to immediately report any suspicious activity to law enforcement. Contact 911 or Bryan Police at 979-209-5300, College Station Police at 979-764-3600 or University Police at 979-845-2345. The number to contact the body escorts is on the back of the student card.


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