Samsung Galaxy Watch4 review: the best connected watch for Android


Samsung’s new smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch4, is trite in many ways.

It’s plagued by the same smartwatch issues that the other leading brand – ahem, Apple Watch – tends to experience: daily charging, heavy reliance on a smartphone, and inundation of health charts and stats. , more so than most of us non-medical professionals. know what to do with it.

However, the Watch4, available August 27 for $ 250 and $ 300 with LTE cellular, is a big departure for a Samsung Look. It’s the first to run Google’s revamped software for wearable devices, Wear OS 3. This means Watch4 can run native Google services, such as Google Maps and Google Pay, and download watch apps from Google Play. Store.

The partnership between Google and Samsung makes sense. Samsung is eager to catch up with Apple, the longtime leader in smart watches. The most recent estimates indicate that the maker of Apple Watch has captured 33% of the world market, according to Counterpoint Research. Samsung only accounts for 8% of smartwatches, while Fitbit holds 4.5% globally.

Previous Galaxy Watch models were powered by Tizen, an operating system designed by Samsung. Google has failed to get Wear OS off the ground with other smartwatch makers. The result? A confusing software ecosystem, with developers shrugging their shoulders and not really supporting many apps for either. According to Google, by merging the platforms with Samsung, the joint effort also sped up app load times and extended battery life.


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