SensiML Partners with Onsemi for Industry-Leading AI Detection Applications


Low power standalone edge node applications
Featuring the industry’s lowest Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit combines the RSL10 radio with a full range of environmental and inertial motion sensors on a small form factor board that interfaces easily with the SensiML toolkit. Developers using the RSL10-based platform and SensiML software can easily add low-latency local AI predictive algorithms to their portable, robotic, process control, or predictive maintenance applications, regardless of their science expertise. data and AI. The resulting automatically generated code enables intelligent sensing integrated endpoints that turn raw sensor data into critical information events where they occur and can take appropriate action in real time. In addition, intelligent endpoints also dramatically reduce network traffic by communicating data only when it offers valuable information.

“Cloud-based analytics add unwanted, non-deterministic latency and are too slow, too remote, and too unreliable for critical industrial processes,” said Dave priscak, vice president of application engineering at onsemi. “The difference between analyzing a key event with local machine learning and remote cloud learning can mean that production stays online, that equipment does not cause costly downtime. and that staff stay safe and productive. “

“Other AutoML solutions for the edge rely only on neural network classification models with only rudimentary AutoML layouts, which results in sub-optimal code for a given application,” said Chris Rogers, CEO of SensiML. “Our comprehensive research of AutoML models includes not only neural networks, but also a range of classic machine learning algorithms, as well as segmenters, a selection of features and digital signal conditioning transformations to provide the model. more compact to meet the performance needs of an application. “

Both the onsemi SensiML Analysis Toolkit and RSL10 Sensor Development Kit are available immediately from their respective companies. For more information, visit the SensiML information page at

About onsemi
onsemi (Nasdaq: ON) drives disruptive innovations to help build a better future. With a focus on automotive and industrial end markets, the company is accelerating the shift in megatrends such as vehicle electrification and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation and 5G and cloud infrastructures. With a portfolio of highly differentiated and innovative products, onsemi creates intelligent power and sensing technologies that solve the world’s most complex challenges and lead the way in creating a safer, cleaner and smarter world.

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About SensiML
SensiML, a subsidiary of QuickLogic (NASDAQ: QUIK), offers industry-leading software that enables ultra-low power IoT endpoints that implement AI to turn raw sensor data into meaningful information on the device himself. The company’s flagship solution, the SensiML Analysis Toolkit, provides an end-to-end development platform covering data collection, labeling, automatic algorithm and firmware generation, and testing. The SensiML Toolkit supports Arm® Cortex®-M and higher class microcontroller cores, Intel® x86 instruction set processors and heterogeneous-core QuickLogic SoCs, and QuickAI platforms with FPGA optimizations. For more information, visit

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