Snapchat goes down, the latest in a series of tech failures


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Snapchat users reported widespread messaging app outages on Wednesday morning in the most recent case of a major social media outage, nine days after Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp shut down for six hours.


As of around 7 a.m., tens of thousands of users reported that Snapchat was down and could not send or receive messages, according to Downdetector, a website dedicated to outage tracking.

The outage lasted more than three hours and the company’s official support account tweeted that the problem was resolved at 10:31 am

There is no reported cause for the service disruption, and a Snapchat spokesperson declined to comment on the cause, but said Forbes this “the problem was resolved.”

Snapchat tweeted Wednesday morning during the outage: “We are aware that some Snapchatters are having issues with the app right now – hang in there, we are investigating!”

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Snapchat rival Facebook was the one battling a major outage last week, as Facebook and its Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger apps shut down for six hours, which reportedly cost Facebook $ 65 million in losses. income. During the Facebook outage, Snapchat usage jumped 23%, according to analytics firm Sensory Tower.

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293 million. That’s the number of daily active Snapchat users, Snap Inc. reported with its second quarter results.

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