Steam’s latest update improves download page and storage management


Valve has released a new Steam client for PC.

While it might not look that different when you start it up after updating the software, Valve says the download page has been “replaced with a new implementation” and has been “visually redesigned for clarity and ease. of use “.

Going forward, you will now be notified of the completed “total progress” for downloading or updating your game, whereas previously you would only have been notified of the download progress but not “of the download process. disk allocation “, which sometimes makes it look like a download was completed before it actually was.

You can also reorganize your download queue by drag and drop, a new icon (i) gives an overview of what’s new in the tooltip: game content, downloadable content, workshop content and caching shader prerequisite – plus ‘show news’ has been renamed to ‘patch notes’.

This is not all either. There are also changes to storage management, where users can now mount library folders on read-only drives and delete empty library folders on stationary drives thanks to a new Steam Library Folder user interface. “for easy content management on multiple players”.

There have also been improvements to the Steam Library to better manage your content, along with changes to your Friends List, Remote Play options, Steam Cloud and Entry, and SteamVR. For the full and detailed release notes, visit the official site.

Speaking of Steam – did you know the next one Deathloop would be available to play on PC via Steam and not Bethesda’s own Bethesda Launcher client?

A tweet from UK retailer Green Man Gaming confirmed last week that all new – and even existing – orders of Deathloop on PC will now be executed on Steam, even though recent earlier versions of Bethesda PC have been locked to proprietary software from the publisher, Bethesda Launcher. .

A brief foray into the company’s Twitter feed shows that it also confirmed the change in individual commentators earlier in the week, saying that “yes, we will be offering Steam keys for all versions of Deathloop and also retroactively” .

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