The software testing company TestingXperts in full hiring


Q&A and software testing company TestingXperts (Tx) has been in full hiring. The technology leader has hired 150 employees this year, including 107 engineers from top regional engineering colleges in Tricity and North India.

The company, with a current annual operating rate (ARR) of $50 million, plans to double its team from 1,000 to 2,000 employees over the next 18 months.

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GETs (Graduate Engineer Trainees) will undergo a rigorous six-month training program through “Tx-Academy”, which will prepare them for the market on advanced technologies to help them shape their careers and work on projects for global customers. of Tx.

Currently, Tx has 12 offices around the world, including the UK and the US, with over 300 clients in over 25 countries.

“Tx has seen an exceptionally encouraging response from colleges and students due to our niche market positioning and the many opportunities we provide for learning, mentoring and shaping engineering careers,” says Manish Gupta, CEO of Tx, adding that the company has programs in place for the industry. -Academic collaboration to allow students to study industry-relevant courses as part of their curriculum.

Ranked among the top five pure play testing companies in the world, Tx also prides itself on its 40% female workforce, which is significantly above industry standards.


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