Town of Marquette receives certification as a community ready for redevelopment


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – For its efforts to establish a solid foundation for attracting private investment and further developing the strengths of the municipality, the Town of Marquette received the award. Communities ready for redevelopment(RRC), the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) announced Thursday.

MEDC officially recognizes the town of Marquette as a certified redevelopment-ready community in Michigan. Marquette joins an elite group of 59 Michigan communities described as “well prepared” for planning and zoning to remove traditional barriers and promote opportunities for potential investors.

To see the full list of communities ready for redevelopment, visit here . The other full-fledged DRR communities in Upper Michigan are Bessemer and Houghton.

“Our mission at MEDC is to support Michigan’s strong economic momentum and empower communities to build a solid foundation for planning, zoning and economic development,” said Michele Wildman, senior vice president of MEDC. “The town of Marquette is well placed to continue to implement its vision for the future and further improve the quality of life of its residents. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the city and supporting local economic development efforts.

“As a participant in RRC, the town of Marquette received a comprehensive assessment measuring current community and economic development practices against RRC best practice standards. The program assesses and certifies communities that integrate transparency, predictability and efficiency into economic development practices. Certification status is a compelling indicator that a community has removed barriers to development and streamlined processes to be more competitive and attractive to investors.

“I am extremely satisfied with this certification as I see it as a validation of efforts not only during the certification process, but as the culmination of a great community planning effort over the years,” said Dennis Stachewicz, director of community development for Marquette. “I appreciate the trust placed in us by the Town of Marquette Commission and the community, and see this as a valuable opportunity to reward them all for their faith and let the Midwest know that Marquette is open for business.

“Throughout its efforts to achieve certification, the city has undertaken major projects, including the new unified land use planning code, its first-ever economic development strategy, process updates and support from its advice and commissions, the creation of a comprehensive guide to development, and Suite.

“The Town of Marquette has been working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation for some time to achieve Redevelopment Ready certification, and I am grateful and proud to learn that we are now officially RRC certified. Here in Marquette, we are working to improve and diversify the tax base, increase and diversify the job base, support local businesses and encourage growth, improving the city’s relations with the local business community and responsiveness, and improving the quality of life of citizens. Said Marquette Mayor Jenna Smith. “This RRC certification will help the town of Marquette work towards these important goals. Thank you to our amazing staff in the town of Marquette for your efforts to make this important milestone. “

As part of the process, the RRC partnered with the city and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to fund a major update to its downtown planning efforts, which culminated in the Downtown Plan. city ​​of 2020.

“Achieving the RRC certification milestone will help increase investment and economic growth in downtown Marquette through the additional resources made available by this prestigious designation,” said DDA Director Rebecca Finco. “The Marquette Downtown Development Authority has traditionally shared a valuable partnership with the City of Marquette and MEDC, and we look forward to continuing this collaborative progress through the DRR program.

“As a certified community, Marquette will have access to new tools to implement its community development goals as well as ongoing support and technical assistance from the Redevelopment Ready Communities team. Annual audits and updates will allow the city to continue to implement best practices over time. The certification is active for five years before it needs to be renewed.

Marquette uses a variety of tools and programs to strengthen the sense of belonging in its community and improve the quality of life of its residents and visitors.

The Noquemanon Trail Network recently undertook a crowdfunding campaign as part of MEDC’s Public Spaces and Community Places program to build a permanent bridge across the Carp River for year-round use on non-motorized trails in Marquette. The campaign exceeded its fundraising goal of $ 30,000, resulting in a matching grant of $ 30,000 from MEDC.

Another crowdfunding campaign for the ‘MÄTI Presents: Mobile Drive-Ins’is currently running until August 9.

“Marquette has worked diligently to improve the sense of place and vibrancy in its downtown area, engage residents and businesses, and drive economic growth in the community,” said Wildman. “By working in partnership with communities like Marquette, we can positively transform Michigan’s downtown and shopping districts to ensure they are places people want to live, work, visit and play. “

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