“We got it”: Black Hawk helicopter flies unmanned for the first time, watch the video


In a first, a Black Hawk helicopter performed fully autonomous flight without an onboard pilot at the U.S. Army installation at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The first test flight took place on February 5, then on February 7. It was conducted in partnership between Lockheed Martin Sikorsky and the Defense Armed Research Projects Agency (DARPA), according to a press release.

DARPA shared a photo of the helicopter and wrote, “It may seem disconcerting to see a @LockheedMartin Martin @Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter flying on its own…but don’t worry we have that! DARPA’s ALIAS technology has just enabled the first-ever flight of this iconic helicopter… with no one on board. One impressed netizen cautioned, “Good luck testing! Please ensure there are strong safety features, especially on weapons.

A video shared by Reuters on Twitter showed the helicopter hovering without a pilot. The helicopter lands smoothly without any issues in the video. The DARPA Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) enables high levels of automation in existing aircraft and reduces crew operations.

“With reduced workloads, pilots can focus on mission management rather than mechanics,” said Stuart Young, program manager in DARPA’s Office of Tactical Technology, quoted in the press release. . “This unique combination of autonomy software and hardware will make flight both smarter and safer,” he added.

“With ALIAS, the military will have much more operational flexibility. This includes the ability to operate aircraft at any time of day or night, with and without pilots, and in a variety of harsh conditions, such as harsh environments. contested, cluttered and defaced visuals,” he added.


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