What is the Downtown Thugs security code in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?


You are playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human, found the Downtown Thugs bandit camp, traveled there and killed all the thugs including their two lieutenants. Also, you’ve claimed the flag tower, establishing a safety zone controlled by the faction you’ve assigned the downtown power station to, and you’ve noticed that there’s an inhibitor somewhere around that. bandit camp. You then risked your life to follow the signal and reach the Inhibitor, only to find that it is in a locked safe and the code to the safe cannot be found. It must be quite frustrating.

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Never be afraid, however. The Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp safe code is not far from the safe itself. All you have to do is jump to the weird, climbable, yellow and white light fixture hanging above the safe, go around it, and jump through the square opening in the east wall. Turn left and find the Downtown Thugs safe code in an envelope on the coffee table in the middle of the room. Check the security code in the Collectibles section of your inventory and you will see that there are no puzzles or clues with this one. It’s written clearly, if awkwardly, right there on the note: the code for the downtown thugs safe is 313. So go back to the safe, enter the code 3 – 1 – 3 and serve- you with a brand new inhibitor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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