Why cricket fans often struggle with gambling addiction


At first glance, it would appear that the sport of cricket has limited appeal to sports fans and bettors around the world. Don’t tell that to the people of India and Pakistan. These countries are among many where cricket enjoys wide fan and sports betting support.

Would you be surprised to learn that cricket fans tend to fall into the cycle of gambling addiction? If you’re surprised, that’s understandable given how little information we have about cricket fans. What we do know is that they are fantastic at supporting their favorite cricketers and teams.

What we also know about fanatical sports fans is that they are easily enticed into becoming sports bettors and then often seek ways to stop betting. In the case of cricket fans, their fanatical support of the sport is exactly what leads them to become fanatical cricket-focused sports bettors. Fanatical sports betting on any sport is the gateway to gambling addiction.

Sports bettors and gambling addiction in India

Sports betting operators are not permitted by law to operate from facilities in India. However, it is perfectly legal for Indian sports bettors to align themselves with offshore bookmakers to facilitate their online sports betting activities. Since sports betting is a very popular form of adult entertainment for Indians, it is easy to see why cricket fans might get caught up in their online sports betting activities. They love it and without the right personal filters properly aligned they are prone to gambling addiction.

There is another aspect of this conversation that deserves consideration. For cricket fans, betting on cricket matches on online betting sites is often their first exposure to any type of online gambling. It’s the excitement of doing something new that often drives people to overdo it. This would certainly be an explanation why cricket fans tend to fall prey to gambling addiction, especially when they start enjoying other forms of online gambling.

How can cricket fans solve their gambling addiction?

When a person falls victim to the cycle of gambling addiction, they cannot let it fester for too long. Given enough opportunity, the disease of gambling addiction can destroy lives and families.

Addressing gambling addiction is not always an easy thing to do. First and foremost, it requires compulsive gamblers to be willing to admit that they cannot control their gambling. Unfortunately, many sports bettors will suffer horrific financial and emotional blows before they surrender and admit that ‘there is a problem. This is probably the case with cricket fans who like to have the option of constantly betting on cricket matches.

For sports bettors who end up surrendering and asking for help, resources can be quite limited. Why? Societies, in general, have not yet reached a point where they recognize that a gambling addiction is as serious as a drug or alcohol addiction. This is why it is difficult for gambling addicts to get help.

For cricket fans who become addicted to the game, there are two main resources for help beyond visiting a psychologist or therapist. The former is only available to sports bettors who use UK licensed online betting sites. That would be the GamStop self-exclusion program. The other resource would be website blocking software.

How GamStop works

First of all, GamStop is only available to UK online gamblers using licensed UK online gambling sites. If a cricket fan and bettor are in another country using a UK operator as their offshore betting option, they will not be allowed to register for GamStop protection.

For UK residents using UK carriers, GamStop works as follows. Program participants can voluntarily enroll at any time, and enrollment is free. They will be required to provide certain personal information when registering. This is the information that will be used to identify and block their access to online gambling. Since registration is strictly voluntary, it is the players who decide the duration of their self-exclusion period.

After registration, entrants will not be permitted to access their existing UK accounts or open new ones. Of course, the program only works in conjunction with licensed UK operators. If a GamStop player changes their mind, they will find there are NonGamStopWager game operators that are not on GamStop. They will also find that some of these operators sell directly to GamStop blocking players.

Website blocking software

If for some reason a self-exclusion option such as GamStop is not available, the next best alternative might be website blocking software. A good one for online sports bettors and casino players is Gamban. Here’s how programs like Gamban generally work.

The player decides he needs help staying away from online gambling sites. They can download Gamban for free directly to their favorite gaming device. Once the program is downloaded and launched, it will block this device from accessing any website that can be identified as a website providing game content.

The big problem with some of them website blocking software programs is that they are device specific. Gamers can still access their favorite gaming sites with other devices. That’s what you call limited help.


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